Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on Crayon in Dryer and then some...

So my concoction of Tide laundry detergent, 43950943 sprays of Shout, 1/2 bottle of Oxyclean liquid and Goof Off--found it on my husband's workbench (smells like lighter fluid) worked! Pretty much everything came out. I did have to wash it on Hot, which I never do, so we'll see if the pants fit. And if they don't, then you can bet your sweet ass I'm going to call up and get another pair sent to me.

Have been feeling stuck in my own home. A prisoner holed up with diapers, baby food, nursing pads, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Hot Wheels, crayons (duh) and the random baby shit that fills your living room. As I look around I see the Exersaucer, Baby Einstein Gym, Bumbo, baby swing and a race track with 3945584839304543 Hot Wheels cars (not Matchbox--keep it straight). And do you know those things hurt like a sonofabitch when you step on them in bare feet?

My next home will have a bonus room or a basement or SOME other place to put all my kids' shit that doesn't necessarily fit in their room. Got that Clemsongirl? (By the way--we have Open House on Sunday--pray for serious buyers!)

So, today I took Miss Bug and we went shopping for my hair goods--have to have Aveda. Not only for the smell, either! Also went to outlets near my house and shopped at the Gap Outlet and Tommy Hilfiger outlet. Then Bug decided it was time to go home. Not after I spent some cashola at the Gap. Bug got a CUTE dress--will try to post a pic later, and another outfit. Big Brother got 2 pair of shorts and a white polo. I got 2 pairs of capri pants and a pair of flip flops. Hubby will shit if he sees I got another pair of flip flops. But they were $9.99! I STILL can't find many shirts that fit b/c of my whole chest drama (see previous post). I swear, if you aren't tall and skinny it is hard to find shirts that fit these days. Everything is LONG. Does anyone else have this problem??? Seriously, I'm NOT a fat person! I'll have to post a pic soon so you can see that I'm not some huge person with unrealistic expectations. I just don't want to look like a hoochiemama.

The point of this post is to say that I feel better now that I got me some retail therapy.

Tomorrow is my paper party--I'm having a consultant from Paperly come and show us her stuff. Check out their stuff! I bought wine, cheese and some sweet stuff. Hope it is successful!

Good Night and have a great weekend!


Hair Girl said...

Nothing feels better than some retail therapy! I love when we have drier accidents. It means Mommy gets to go shopping!
I hope the pants still fit...

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Tag ... your it! Please list five random things about yourself.

Oh and btw ... do not listen to Hair Girl she hates to shop for things she ruins. Just ask her about the girl who tripped her and was threatened with paying for a new pair of petite jeans! :)