Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meme Thursday....

A Meme because I have the time....

A - Age: 36
B - Bed size: king
C - Chore you hate: cleaning toilets. hate. it.
D - Dog's names: Carly
E - Essential start your day item: coffee
F - Favorite color: red
G - Gold or Silver: silver or white gold
H - Height: 5' 2 1/2" (and I take that 1/2 very seriously)
I - Instruments you play: piano and
J - Job title: Administration & Mommy
K - Kid(s): John 5 1/2 and Josie Kate 19 months
L - Living arrangements: single family home, hubby, 2 kids, 1 dog, and a partridge in a pear tree
M - Mom's name: Betty
N - Nicknames: Queeda
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none thank Heavens!
P - Pet Peeve: chewing with your mouth open, nasty toilets, and many more...
Q - Quote from a movie: "You are a pig from Hell, and you will be destroyed." Steel Magnolias
R - Right or left handed: Lefty
S - Siblings: 1-Kevin who is 39
T - Time you wake up: lately it's been right before 6AM! Josie Kate is getting up WAYYY too early!
U- First word that comes to your mind for "U": Unanimous
V - Vegetable you dislike: peas
W - Ways you run late: forget to get something and have to get back out of car several times!
X - X-rays you've had: many--one was after my C-Section with Josie Kate--they thought they left something in my stomach (lovely) so they had to x-ray it to make sure it wasn't there.
Y - Yummy food you make: chicken pot pie, desserts
Z - Zoo favorite: giraffe

School's Out, School's Out, Teacher Let the Monkeys OUT!

Big Brother went to his very last day of Pre-Kindergarten today. He was THRILLED to be out of school. (I thought this attitude didn't happen for at least a couple more years?)

And I picked up Miss Bug from thebabysitter and right when we were turning in to our neighborhood she puked all over the place. ...

...and again in the tub....
....and again after she was all clean.

What else will the Summer of 2009 promise to bring?

Friday, May 22, 2009

It Only Took 5 Years....

to get my kids' bedrooms painted. It is a joyous occasion! My dad, "Paps", who is the MAN I might add, came down in his cape (read: paint brush) and has painted both kids rooms. I got to go to Lowes and peruse the color swatches from Eddie Bauer, Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren and our beloved Martha Stewart. It was heavenly.

I picked "Ocean' for Big Brother's room--it is a combo of blues, greys and greens. Truly gorgeous. Not sure how it will go with the red I have, but we'll see. I picked the color 'Honey Pot' for Miss Bug. Precious! Can't wait to decorate my girl's room! She hasn't had her room decorated hardly at all due to the fact that we were going to move, but since we aren't, let the shopping begin --looking for bargains at Pottery Barn Kids!!! (And Ebay, of course!) I actually do find deals there believe it or not. Found rugs, on different occasions, for each child's room on mega sale--I think they were each $29.99. You can't even get that at Target. I should've bought extras and sold them on Ebay, but I didn't. I'll remember next time!

I also switched the kids' bedrooms. Miss Bug had the bigger room and a queen bed in the room, so I switched and gave Big Brother the bigger room and the queen bed. This means new bedspread for Big Brother. For some reason I'm realizing how incredibly selective (read: picky) I am. But at least when I buy something, I keep it for a long time. That's why sometimes I can rationalize the higher price least that is what I keep telling myself.

Tomorrow is shopping in the big city--ie Jacksonville (I know-it's not Atlanta or Denver, but I digress).

I'll let you know if I find any deals..........and you do the same! Maybe I'll find some cool deals out there because of the Memorial Day holiday!

Will post pics as I get the rooms done. So excited! Any ideas that have worked for you?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Needing some advice from my blogger friends. I'm just not having the luck on Ebay as I usually do. I'm wondering if it is ME or the Economy!?!

I have some smocked dresses-really nice/expensive ones, Gymboree clothing, Lily Pulitzer dress, etc. and I'm afraid to put them on because lately I've been paying seller fees and NOT selling! Quite frustrating.

Here's one of my frustrations--they separate the 6-9 and the 9-12 when you know most clothing is runs 6-12 months. So do you usually do it 6-9 or 9-12 or do you do both and pay additional fees? I know I usually do it closer to how it runs..whether it runs smaller or larger, but it is still really frustrating!

So, do you have any advice? I almost am thinking about putting them out here on blogger world and if you are interested you can pay me through Paypal. Do I have any lookers? Buyers? Is this legal?

Help me out!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking the FOR SALE sign down...

I can't even believe I'm typing this. Talk about d-r-a-m-a! Don't really know how to make this long story a short one, but I try.

We have had our house on the market for almost 2 years. I was pregnant when we put the sign in the yard. Our daughter is 19 months. We finally got an offer. It wasn't asking price, but a very good offer at that. (Nobody gets their asking price in this economy!) My husband had his company fax the relocation policy one final time--at noon. At 12:07 he was dialing his boss' number because the policy had changed. And apparently it had just changed. The previous policy said they'd pay up to 7% commission. It also said it would pay for storage and a place to rent for up to 30 days if necessary. This was going to be necessary because the buyers wanted to move in June 17th. Loans are taking an average of 45 days, so we knew we'd need a rental place.

So here it is, 2pm and he'd not heard from his boss. Finally his boss called back and said due to the economy, they'd changed their policy. Well, was somebody going to tell us perhaps? Like maybe before we signed our house away at 5PM? It has been crazy.

We had to counter back at full asking price and a later closing date. The people didn't bite back. My husband said we may as well have put on the counter offer paperwork, "How badly do ya want this house?" And in this economy, they could've picked another house in our neighborhood at a comparable price that was empty and could've moved right in. Granted, of course the house wouldn't be as nice as ours, but at least it would be available when they needed it.

So after almost 2 years of turmoil, showing this #%*&@#& house with less than 30 minutes notice sometimes, etc, it is over.

I don't really know how I feel. Relieved to a certain extent. I hate change. But looking at those other houses, those bigger houses so that my husband could have an office and my children could have a playroom, makes me a little sad.

Now I guess we are going to look in to adding on to our house. I can see the sawdust already....

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mouse

I went to Chuck E. Cheese's for Mother's Day.

Don't judge.
I enjoyed it. (Once the Goody Powder kicked in).

Hope you had a great mother's day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is getting harder and harder to blog. Not enough time! Am missing it and keeping up with you guys! Will try to do better!

So, Miss Bug's rash left by the weekend and we were all good--I thought. Tuesday Big Brother complains he doesn't feel well--no fever, no headache, no cough, no sore throat, no itchy eyes, no ear irritations. He's fine, right? Wednesday he stays home b/c he doesn't feel well. Thursday he goes to school because he has Prek Cap & Gown pictures (yes, really). His teacher texts me saying he is 'an emotional wreck', which by the way, I don't recommend you use those exact words (though we are more than acquaintances). I pick him up when school is out. He didn't eat his lunch. He has a MONDO canker sore on his tongue.

I'm at a loss for what could be wrong. I take him to doctor. He has Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease. My husband says, "WTH is that? Do we need to take him to a vet?" Doc shows me the inside of his mouth (which Big Brother wouldn't dare let me see earlier) it is FILLED with canker sores--all on the insides of his cheeks. YIPES! Now you KNOW that's gotta STINK! My poor little man!

Now we're wondering if Miss Bug had the same thing and that it just showed up in a different way? She had NO sores in her mouth.........and Big Brother ONLY has them in his mouth. He has been wayyyyyyyyyy out of commission. Doesn't eat hardly anything. Tried to give him chewable Tylenol and he had to spit them out b/c it burned so bad.

The up side is that when I asked him if he wanted to try to go to the pool he answered with a heartily, 'YES!', so I figure he's not that bad...

And for those of you who are judging--it's not contagious after the fever is gone, so we weren't spreading all our germs around.

PS. No special shots or anything fun for a cure--just Maalox and Benadryl mixture to swoosh around in the mouth. Maalox coats the sores and makes them less sore.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roseola, Hand/Foot/Mouth, Viral, WHAT??

So I get my daughter out of the bathtub on Thursday evening and see that she has a rash on her feet primarily--barely raised, red spots. I see that she has it on her back and back of neck. I see that it goes down after she cools off from the bath.

She goes to bed easily and sleeps all night long.

We wake up--she still has it, not as irritated (probably didn't like the heat from the tub) and appetite is the same. No fever, etc. Ask around, people are guessing Hand/Foot/Mouth or Fifths...

Take her to the babysitter. I explain she has had no fever, no loss of appetite, and doesn't seem to be irritated. Babysitter is fine, thinks it's viral. Then babysitter calls me at 2pm saying she woke up with a fever. I go to get her within 45 minutes and fever is gone--she gave her meds. So, I wait 5 hours before giving her anything else..fever never rises. I never see any sign of it. Babysitter didn't take temp. so I'm not sure if she truly had one, but babysitter is really on the ball, so she probably did. I'm just sayin'.

Sleeps all night long last night, regular appetite today, etc. though she is a bit cranky. ( or just on my nerves-ha) I put her down for her nap and get on the Internet--of which I KNEW I shouldn't do. Now I'm wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD SHE HAS---Fifths, Hand/Foot/Mouth, Roseola, Viral etc.......NONE of the pictures exactly represent what she has. The rash isn't angry, gross or seem to bother her.

Any advice?