Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shark Attack Rescue Center supposed to be at Target so when I went there I'd only have to make ONE trip today. I told Big Brother if he behaved all day that he'd get it. Such a bad Mommy I am sometimes. You aren't supposed to do this bribing thing; well, at least only sometimes, and I've done it too much lately. But what is a Mom to do when Daddy is out of town and I need a freaking break?

So I decided to run my errands at Target (AKA Hundred Dollar Store) and it wasn't there!

I guess I'm off to Wal-Mart later to see if it is there. If not, I'm up shit creek because I'm not going to that expensive toystore on the Island and paying $9 more for it. A girl has her limits.

I'll let you know as the saga continues....


tulipmom said...

LOL at the Hundred Dollar Store. So true!

And bribing when Daddy's out of town? Pretty much a necessity (at least in my book).

The Lawyer's Wife said...

I want to go to your $100 Target cuz mine is the $200 Target and it stinks!