Monday, April 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

I was SOOO excited to be tagged. I was a tag virgin so thanks to you, The Pink Clutch !I am to list five random things about myself. This should be interesting. Here goes:

1. I like to sleep with a fan or some type of sound machine on. Not a TV, but some sort of swooshing sound. Ceiling fans don't count because they are made so well now that you can't hear them moving above the bed. So, I have a Marpac Sleep Sound Machine that I love, love, love. It is wonderful This is our second one. Miss Bug (babygirl) has one in her room, now. I also like the fact that it masks any noises so I can sleep longer. And I'm all about some sleep!

2. I'm also with The Pink Clutch on the making noise with your mouth thing. It makes me CRAZY! My dad can chew/crunch yogurt. I am not lying. So you can imagine how my head spins full circle when we are eating cereal for breakfast when I'm visiting. It sends me right over the edge. I literally leave the room so I don't act like a total and complete arse because he IS my father, you know.

3. I love sugar...baked in something or just basically straight up. I'll take it in a cookie, a cake, a brownie, a pie, donut, bread, pudding, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sprinkled on fruit, in cereals, etc. Wherever else you want to put it. I'm in. Count on it. I am now to the point to where I have to have something sweet after practically every meal--even if it is just one cookie, one piece of candy or a stick of gum. It runs in my family. I can't help it. It's their fault. And when it comes to deciding if we should "share" dessert at a restaurant? Well, you know what the answer to that one is, right?

4. I am a true-blue friend. My one friend, Love & Labs, and I have been friends since the third grade. We talk or email several times a week. My other friend, who lives in Denver, and I have been friends for 8 years. We see each other at least yearly and talk on the phone probably 6 days a week. My other dear friend, who still lives in the town where I grew up, has been my friend since the 7th grade. We talk weekly, too. Verizon makes no money on me - I can promise you that. (Yes, my husband thinks I'm on the phone entirely too much, but what does he know?)

5. I love the color red. I have a red chair in my living room from Pottery Barn and it was our splurge when we bought our house. It is gorgeous. We also have some red in pretty much every room in our house. I'm just attracted to it. My son's closet doors in his room are red and they are darling! I don't necessarily wear a lot of red, but I do love it. Consequently our son loves red, too. He would live in red shirts and camo pants if we'd let him. Some days we do.

So, here are my five random things. It could be different tomorrow, but for now, this is what you get. Thanks again for the tag!

I am tagging (unless you've already been tagged) :

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The Lawyer's Wife said...

Yeah! Love the thoughts and I am so glad I was your first tag! That's all the thanks I can give you because we both know I will not write you a thank you!

Must have a fan on - I can actually sense when its gets turned off and I wake up. I know - WEIRD!!

Love the blog - when are you moving? We are ready for you!

Kate said...

Totally with you on #1. I always keep my desk fan on even when it's cold!

Mamalicious said...

Yay, I got tagged! I'll work on this project tonight!

I'm so with you on #1. Gotta have a sound machine and so do the girls.

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I love red too! In fact, my house is lots of reds, greens, and golden yellows.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I have to say that I am also a "fan"atic. My ceiling fans are in constant motion. The air is my house has to be moving all the time or I feel like I cannot breath.

I am also on my eldest daughter on chewing quietly and with her mouth closed. That just grosses me out when I see open and noisy eaters.

I do have a major sweet tooth...but have been trying really hard to ignore it. Have to get rid of the newly enlargened kangaroo pouch!

I have a couple friends that I see all the time, but I also have a couple of friends who I only see and / or talk to a couple times a year. The moment we talk or get together, we pick up right where we left off.

I love the red too, but am not brave enough to paint any walls in my house or buy red furniture. I do have alot of red dishes, pillows, and such.

Now...I guess that I need to get over to my blog and complete my tag...