Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clean Home = Joyous Mom

So, for the 3rd time in my life, I got my house cleaned. We did it once in Colorado (4 years ago) when we were selling our house and it needed a deep cleaning. Then we did almost a year ago when I was very pregnant and we had just put our house on the market. We needed a deep clean, mop, dust, etc, so we did it to get it ready to show to buyers.

And then today, ahhhhhhhhh, we did it again. You'd think I'm talking about sex or a massage or something. But noooooooo, I'm not. I'm talking about leaving your house for several hours and *wallah* opening the door to a clean, shiny, great-smelling home. And it was MINE!

My favorite part? The fact that the toilets are clean. And I mean c-l-e-a-n. No stains of any sort. No marks. No hair (lovely visual, I know). No dirt. No grime. No smell. Not that our toilets usually smell or ever get too terribly dirty. Just the fact that someone else cleaned them. I have to admit, because my husband does read my blog, that his job is to clean toilets and showers. I refuse. He does a pretty good job, but sometimes you have to put that extra umph into it, and in that area he is lacking. But Ricky's Cleaning Service did awesome.

Everything else I could've done just as well if I didn't have small children demanding my time and attention. But that's the problem. I don't. I can't ever get the whole house clean at once. Just parts of it each day. I don't have the time to do it all at once. So, Ricky and his crew came and it was glorious.

It. Is. Wonderful.

It. Is. Relaxing.

It. Is. Worth. The. Money.

Yes, it is a luxury. I don't do it often. But I'm telling you ladies, sometimes it is just worth it. So worth it. Do you do it? Often? Rarely? Do share...

And have a great weekend. We are headed out of town to go to my husband's 20 year high school reunion. Yes, you read it right. 20 years. He's soooooooo much older than me. I'm 29 and have been for several years.... *wink, wink*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quote for Today

The more you complain
The longer God makes you live.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Lesson #1

I am sitting in, what we so affectionately refer to as the 'pit' (AKA closet where our computer is located), and I see Big Brother walk into the room and place himself on our new scale (of which I didn't purchase) . In case you are wondering, the 'pit' is connected to the master bath.

Then I ask him what he is doing, and this is the face I get (as he remains on the scale):
I asked him to come closer so I could take a pic of him on the phone and he kept getting too close. You can see my foot in the corner trying to hold him back!
Then he stops giggling for a brief moment to tell me that he is on the phone and that he is very busy:
And yes, he is wearing his robe over his clothes.......yes, he was dressed...and before noon, too! (Check out the new lizard watch of which he doesn't know how to tell time from)
The he takes 'pictures' of me, saying he is going to "tecked message" the pictures to Mamaw. (You think I text too much? Or talk on the phone much?)

He is so funny! And this is why when he comes into our room at 2AM because he is scared of the dark, that I just snuggle him right in......he is too much!

No Cheating...

So, I'm a dork. I thought that nobody would be so quick to get all of them...Clemsongirl! I shoul'dve known it would be you to answer first....anywho....we're still waiting on a few. So TRY not to CHEAT when you are commenting because you can see everyone else's! :(

Movies from the 80's

I'm sticking with my 80's theme so here are some lines from famous movies of that time. Whomever can remember the names of the movies these came from will be receiving a little treat from moi! Some titles may or may not be repeated....

Here goes:

1. When referring to the fit of a woman's dress at a wedding reception located in the deep South, "Looks like two pigs fighting underneath a blanket."

2. "No shit, Chet...." spoken in a drunken slur.

3. Guy says, "What's your name?" Girl says, "Claire." "Cuh-laire? Claire is a fat girl's name," responds Guy. "No it's not," says Girl.

4. "Wax on...wax off...wax on....wax off."

5. "I feel the need, the need for speed!"

6. "Nobody puts baby in a corner."

7. An old jazz singer says, "Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues."

8. "I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights..."

9. "Despite my appearance at this function, I remain now, & will always be a Duckman."

10. "Mr. Nolan, it's for you. It's God. He says we should have girls at Welton."

11. Woman says, "High....I want a baby.Get me a baby."

12. "Whass happenin' hot stuff?"

13. "It was an accident. I'll take it again. I can fail, I know I can." Referring to test...

14. Teacher in class teaching in a monotone voice, "The answer is something 'doo' economics...voo-doo economics."

15. "You break his heart and I'll break your face."

So I remembered most of these myself in my free time (yeah, right) but do have to admit to snatching a few from the Internet. Good luck! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Anyone else having problems getting on this website? I keep logging in and it takes forever and then I just give up..and I never get logged on. My computer is pretty quick, so I know there's something wrong. My question is it ME or is this happening to everyone?

Let me know...

Because you know I need to check my balance to see how much I can spend on Ebay...heehee!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who's Your 80's hunk?

Go ahead, take the quiz, you know you want to...

Then comment back and tell me who your hunk o' burning love is from the sorely-missed 80's era!

Your 80s Hunk Is
Kirk Cameron
By the way, I loved loved loved Kirk Cameron. He was so hot...not looking too bad nowadays either...

Friday, July 25, 2008

My friend is famous........

So check out this picture. This is my friend, Robyn Bomar. We went to college together. She and I both got our degrees in Education. We wore apple pins, those god-forsaken jumpers at times, and taught small children how to read, write and do some arithmetic.....Now she's all famous and has Katherine Freakin' Heigl as a client and my clients are under the age of 5 and live in my home.

I have to admit, she did stay home when her kids were younger, but man-o-man, you should've seen the pictures of her kids birthday parties. The girl has got it going on. Check her out when you have some time. She has great ideas and might even live near you or someone you know! She's an event planner and her company's name is Mix Mingle Glow. Or you can always go to my blogroll because she is always there! :)

Congrats, Robyn! And don't forget about the little people--namely me who warmly invited you and your family into her home when your area was evacuated due to hurricanes/tornadoes or whatever it was, and who provided you with piping hot pizza delivered directly to our door, warm baths, clean towels, crisp linens, comfy pillows, lovely Pop Tart or fortified cereal breakfasts and a bittersweet goodbye!

By the way, did you know that Katherine Heigl was born in 1978? How come everyone is turning out to be younger than me? When did that happen?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tonsil D-r-a-m-a

I have been neglectful in my posting and mentally and emotionally I have suffered for it (read: minor breakdown for the plaid girl). Daddy was out of town for 2 weeks, one of which I was at my parents house. The second week I was home, which was when Big Brother got sick, again.

I thought I had caught it quick enough this time, but nope. He complained of head hurting (which is new) this time and then a fever followed several hours later. This was Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning we were at drs. office to get a Strep test. He tested positive. We started antibiotics that day and he fevered until MONDAY! WTH? We're talking 6 days of fevering!!!

Another thing that accompanies his Strep is the fact that his tonsils swell. I don't mean swell some, I mean the tonsils that are on the sides of his mouth (not just on his tongue), swell BIG. The best way to describe it is that he sounds like he has balls of cotton in his throat. He is hard to understand when he speaks. This happened AFTER 2 days of Amoxicillin. It really scares me because this has happened previously. I didn't start to count from the first time it happened, but I do know that it happened this past October, then at the end of May (you can read about it here) , and then now.

The last couple of times they gave him Orapred, a steroid, and that helped his tonsils to come back down to regular size. So, keep up with me--we went to Dr on Thursday, immediately started meds, then by Sunday his tonsils swelled up even more and we were back at Dr. on Monday. Dr. checked his spleen and throat and then tested him for Mono. After blood drawing (which was d-r-a-m-a), he tested negative for Mono. I mentioned the steroid and he was quite hesitant to give it to me.

It's not like I'm a freaking druggie. My kid's tonsils are blocking his airway, Dr. Asshat, help us out. The Dr. said it was time to get an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.) to look at him and he contacted the ENT who said it was fine to give my son the steroid. My son's tonsils on a scale of 1-4 were a 3 ! I know that the very first time he had all this (we were seeing a different dr), the doc sent us immediately for xrays and blood work b/c his tonsils were a 4! And I did mention to Dr. Asshat that I think it was HIS OFFICE that prescribed me the steroid previously.

He also said that the Amoxicillin would cure the Strep but if it was something else that was viral that this could last for weeks. I thought that maybe if he prescribed a stronger antibiotic that it would help because he fevered for so much longer this time? What do you think?

And his tonsils aren't big normally. They checked that when he went for a well check.

Then the dr. made a few comments about how he doesn't just give out drugs...I explained that we aren't expecting that, that we just want him to breathe better and he's been struggling since FRIDAY......helllloooooo????

I SOOOOO want to get outta this freaking town and get closer to Atlanta so that I can have more options as to doctors and ENT's to choose from. I am considering taking him to Children's Hospital in Atlanta if we can get there soon enough. I realize that it is just getting your tonsils out, but I'd like to have a few opinions before we do this. I'm not crazy about putting him in the hospital in this town. I delivered Miss Bug here and the hospital did make some mistakes (that will have to be another story).

We did lower our house price again to try to motivate a get us outta here.

My question to you is....what is your experience with Strep/Tonsillitis/getting tonsils out, etc? Have you had to do it? Have your children had them removed? What was your experience?

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Like Monogram???

Check out The Pink Clutch (the lawyers wife) and the cute stuff she is selling. She is offering free shipping until July 30th also! She has a site called Monogram Me where she is selling. So you can go to either site to look at the cutie monogrammed items.

I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts!

Happy Monday...we were at DR again with strep etc.. (wth???)..........longer story to follow.......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Is it so wrong that...

... when I was rocking my sweet baby girl (who is officially 9 months old today) for bedtime that I was singing the Amy Winehouse song Rehab to her??

(You say you wanna go to rehab-- I say no, no, no....)

It was in a melodic, sweet baby lullaby-ish tone.........I promise.

Crazy Busy

Ok, this has been a post drought for me! I have been too busy. Several things to post about, but haven't had the time for a few reasons:
#1. went out of town for the weekend
#2. Daddy out of town all week
#3. babysitter drama (Miss Bug says 'no' to babysitter)
#4. Big Brother has strep throat

So I've had NO time to even hardly check email let alone post! It has made me sad! I have one interesting post to discuss, but will have to do it this afternoon. I went out of town last weekend and was gone for 2 nights (yesssss!). I went to go and visit my friend who is in outpatient therapy for alcohol addiction. This is her second time--first time she was in inpatient. This time it is outpatient and she invited me to a family night. I happily went. It was amazing. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

Hope you have a great Friday! Maybe I'll get to do a Friday Fill-in too--a special treat!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Diego Go....

away! Leave me alone! I am sick of playing Diego. O-v-e-r it. But I know it's my fault that we have: 12 Diego figurines, the Mobile Rescue Unit, the 4 wheeler, the elephant, the helicopter, the rescue center, the submarine, the animals, the legos, blah blah blah.

So, I've tried to find other things to do (other than placing small children in front of the TV hence more Diego). It's pretty sad when the only entertainment in your town is going to play at the playplace at Chick-Fil-A! (And you know that place gets n-a-s-t-y...) But if that is what will give me a few minutes of peace, then so be it. Those cookies-n-cream milkshakes are pretty tasty as well.

I've tried to have something to do, anything to do, some place for us to go, everyday (or almost everyday) so that everyone stays happy. We went to the library on Monday and Tuesday for their little program. Our library is sad, but it was another opportunity for us away from the home. Then today we went to Chick-Fil-A and met another mom and kids to play. That has been good.

Tomorrow I go to Gator Country to visit my friend and spend the night and go out to eat like real-live grown ups! So exciting. No least for a night.

Drinking coffee in peace also............ahhhhhhhhhhh.

That's all I've got for you. Must have a little Blogger's Block these past few days!

PS Big Brother is playing ALONE in his room. Hallelujah......

Monday, July 7, 2008


I cannot BELIEVE she is picking JEREMY! All I can say is...he better cut his hair. No, it STILL isn't short enough for my taste. OH MY still in shock.

Anyone else in shock? Are you with me on the hair thing or no?

(If you don't know what I'm talking about...The Bachelorette--Craptv again!)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Because

I always post pics of Big Brother, but here is one of Miss Bug. I thought that I wouldn't post pics because I was afraid of freaks out there, but I feel like I know so many of you and want you have a visual of who I'm talking about.

Here she is in all her you can't tell me she's not the cutest thing you've ever seen other than your own, can you?

What a look of determination in her eyes. We are in trouble once she becomes mobile. We're also still waiting for hair so I can put some cute bows in it! Happy Belated 4th!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Life is good. Big Brother is gone with Daddy to watch fireworks. Miss Bug is supposed to be going to bed but all I hear is her banging around in her crib. And I am sitting with Daddy's laptop and watching CrapTV--TV's Sexist Doctors Of All Time. You can always count in E! to give you craptv that you love. I think it will be Patrick Dempsey. Will let you know if I'm still posting by the time this is over.

I will leave you with a 'funny' for the day--a conversation with Big Brother:

Me: Big Brother, it's rest time (sounds better than the dreaded nap word). Remember, if you want to go see fireworks then you have to lay down for a little while.

Big Brother: But can I just watch one more show?

Me: No.

Big Brother (Under his breath): Kill joy.

I WAS CRACKING UP! The 4 1/2 year old can use in context.......
Can anyone name the movie this is from?

I'm off to shop on Ebay and Etsy. Just bought some cards custom made by Sara and Abraham--if you are interested in her stuff which is oh-so-cute, click on her name on my blog roll.

Everybody BE SAFE! I don't want to read any posts about small children and fire!

PS. It was George Clooney who was the #1 sexiest TV doc. Patrick Dempsey was #2. I'd probably have to

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home!

Yipppeeee! I heard the angels sing at approximately 8:15pm when the little MLCC came zoooooming into the driveway. We were all getting ready for bed.

Have NO idea what we are doing tomorrow and I usually have a plan, especially for the 4th of July! We have been out of town, then came home, then Daddy just came home tonight, so we haven't even had a chance to even discuss what we are doing. It will probably be one of us takes Big Brother to see fireworks while the other stays home to let Miss Bug sleep. It's all good. I'll do either of the two......

Nothing else going on other than that. We all took naps today. Hallelujah. Miss Bug's was the shortest, and that is wrong........ especially seeing as how she was the one up twice in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Then Big Brother came in at 4 am to tell me that his water was empty and I needed to refill it. Who wakes up enough to do all that--realize there's no water, want more water, walk all the way across the house in the dark to tell me, and then walk all the way back to bed? My son, obviously.....Ammmazzzinggg.

And I got flowers from the Hubby! How sweet.

Have a great July 4th and thank a soldier.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

List Tuesday

Check out this list of what I have had to do today and tell me that this means that I won't have to do ANY of this for, as my son would say, "a wong wong time"....:

#1. Called homeowner's insurance about estimate for roof damage

#2. Called medical insurance about reimbursement for sedation/dentist.

#3. Called car insurance about car damage.

#4. Called Direct TV b/c our satellite is OUT! (no Bachelorette last night--no TV period)

#5. Called Bassett furniture about delivering our mattress.

#6. Call Gap b/c bill was late and just realized it. Made sure they would remove fee or I would be cutting up the card. I do love a Gap Reward or two, but not if they don't take care of their valued customers.

#7. Call babysitter...

#8. Go to grocery.

WHAT IS NEXT? Can I call anyone else? Please? Can anyone else take my money today? Seriously.

Put Miss Bug down to nap at 9:30 and she is up at 10:10. That is just wrong.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And who is going to want to look at our house when we have that big ass tarp covering the chimney? Must get a pic for you to have the lovely visual.......