Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bribe updates

Second night did better. Got up once with legs hurting (growing pains?). Gave Tylenol. He woke up at 5:30 saying his hip hurt. Daddy rubbed it a little and then sent him on. Since then--the past 2 nights--he has slept all night long. Hallelujah! The only problem is that Miss Bug woke up that first night, but then last night we ALL slept all night long.

Thank goodness. I was starting to think I had a serious problem on my hands. I get a little uptight about the sleep thing and I know that doesn't help. I think my son needed not only a sleep adjustment but an attitude adjustment. Mommy and Daddy had to start putting the 'hammer down' if you know what I mean. He's a great kid, don't get me wrong, sweet as he can be, but he's still a kid who is going to test boundaries.

Of course now that we are getting the sleep back to normal, we are going to the Grandparents for Spring Break. That will require another attitude adjustment.

And don't judge--but he's gotten 3 Hot Wheels car. When they run out, they run out. (I think I bought 6.) Then it's probably bedtime sticker chart time. How about Hot Wheels stickers for the bedtime chart? A nice compromise, don't you think?

We are probably going to the new Monsters Versus Aliens movie today. I'll let you know if it's good. I personally think most movies are worth it b/c you get the popcorn, Diet Coke and some peace from your that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bribe: Part 2

Didn't work.

No Hot Wheels.

Was up 4 FREAKING TIMES! I'm so tired that I am cranky and can't hardly stand to be in my own skin. I'm that grumpy. Tylenol PM is calling my name. I was up on and off from 1:30am-5:00am. I wanted to put up 2 baby gates at his door--one on top of the other--so that he couldn't get out.

I woke up just pissed off. I know that doesn't sound very ladylike, but I'm not feeling very ladylike at the moment.

Today I upped the Anny (or however you spell it). I told him he'd get a Hot Wheels car and I'd take him to the freaking CIRCUS that is in town. I even got on the Internet to show him pictures of what we'd see.

His top 5 list of things he wants to see are: man shooting out of a 'canyon' (cannon), motorcycle riding on a rope, trapeze artists flipping, juggling and getting to be with our friends--Ms. Rachael, Kendall and Jordan. I told him that the elephants would be there, too, and he replied with, "Mommy, they aren't cool."


I said, "There will be camels, too." I was again informed that those aren't cool either.


I can't believe my 5 year old son is already telling ME what's cool. I know what's cool, damn it! I'm only 36. I've still got LOTS of cool left in me!

So the saga continues. You'll be updated tomorrow, and hopefully not too early because we'll all be SLEEPING!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bribe


Don't judge me.

It's come to this.

If Big Brother (who is freaking 5 years old) sleeps in his bed 'all night wong' then he will be the new proud owner of a Hot Wheels car.

Yep, I said it. And I'm going to follow through.

It's worth the buck to get a good night's rest (and Daddy is about to shoot me b/c I have let him in bed with us too much!).

I actually went to the Dollar Store in my pj's (Daddy called me white trash as I left the house). I had on fleece pants, VAIL tshirt and flip flops. I didn't think it looked like pj's necessarily, but hell, I didn't care. They didn't have 'feet' in them for crying out loud! Just think of it as the Lounge Pants that Clemsongirl always talks about...yet mine are striped. Love and Labs probably knows exactly what clothes I'm talking about too--I've had them so long.

Enough about my attire and back to the issue at hand. Big Brother wants to sleep in our bed because as he states with his darling blue eyes all a-flutter, "I can't stop finking (thinking) about you and Daddy and I want to snuggle and I want to be wif you."
And look at this face--he is so precious, sweet, snugly and yummy! How am I supposed to say no?
So he's not scared. No nightmares (at least not in the last couple of days).
I'm trying positive reinforcement first. He also got a new nightlight.

If that doesn't work, then I'm beating him.....JUST KIDDING!
PS I bought 6 --figure if I give him one each morning that by Day 6 I can move on to something more simple--like candy! (Wean him slowly...)
PSS I didn't look out of place at all at The Dollar me. It's South Georgia and I had all my front teeth. (No offense.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just A Teeeenny Bit Obsessed

So I know I can tell you guys this because we are all friends here, right? I have a little confession to make. I'm addicted (such a strong word) to little girl's clothing. It is just over-the-top cute! My little girl is just now getting to the stage where you can really 'dress' her--she walks, has enough hair for a bow, and can express some personality. And when I shop, I just love all the girl stuff!

Let me explain. I have a son who is 5 years old. I got to do the cutesy stuff a few times. I literally can count the number of times he wore a Jon-Jon or a longall. My husband thinks they are cheesy, so I didn't buy them much. I did get his pictures taken when he was one in a Strasburg Jon Jon and then I bought him a Kelly green corduroy longall with Santa Clauses smocked across it for the Christmas he was 2. He looked precious! Anyway, shopping for a boy is fairly simple. I'm pretty much a prep at heart, so my eyes typically wander to the Polo shirts and khaki shorts. I bought him some cute shorts from the Gap--khaki with little dolphins embroidered on them and a navy pair with turtles on them. He is not convinced they are 'cool' shorts, so I softly nudge his father to tell him that they are indeed cool. (On a side note--he did pick out the khaki ones to wear today --but he put them on with his Wall-E tshirt! It was killing me! And I did casually hand him the knit polo to put on instead telling him that he can wear the Wall-E shirt for soccer practice.)

So, now when I go shopping for a girl, it's like a whole new world has opened for me! It's out of control! There's at least 3 times as much for girls! I don't consider myself a girly girl, but some of this stuff is so so so adorable! And it can be anything as casual and inexpensive as stuff from the Carter's Outlet down the street, to the high-end boutiques.

Recently I've been on an Ebay kick. I've been really inspecting all of the smocked bishop dresses. They are just precious. I search Anavini, Orient Expressed, Vive La Fete, Silly Goose, Amanda Remembered, Florence Eiseman, Mulberry Street and those Puddle Jumper shoes, Squeaky shoes and L'Amour/Angel shoes......the stuff is so cute! I can usually get one of those outfits on Ebay for between $20-$30 and in many of the boutiques they are starting at $50. Some of the prices are out of control in those boutiques. So, I just make a mental note of the name of the clothing and check it out on Ebay!

My challenge right now is shoes. I'm needing some everyday shoes. I've got some Angel shoes that are navy that she wears a lot, but I need some that are possibly white(?) that she can wear anytime. She has a teeny little narrow foot, so we are having a hard time with shoes. I don't live in an area with a ton of shopping, so I have to search and search. We don't have any department stores that have children's shoes. I think I need a Stride Rite or a department store that carries toddler shoes. Her feet are still so small--she just turned 17 months and wears a 3 possibly a 4. In the L'Amour shoes she wears a 2! And I'm picky--I don't want all these sparkles and stuff--I need versatility!

And she just now has enough hair for a bow! And you know you need a variety of colors to match these cute outfits!

I hope that I'm not sounding shallow and dorky. I'm not excessively materialistic, but I like the challenge of finding the stuff for a deal, too, or mixing the expensive with the Target/Wal-Mart, etc...

I guess since I didn't play with dolls growing up I'm making up for it now?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Church Shoes

Our church is very casual. We can wear whatever. I usually take the opportunity to dress up a little (read: wear something other than jeans). We have quite a diverse congregation so you can pretty much go either way and blend in, unless you wear a suit and tie. Then you might get a smile or two your way. We're all harmless--do whatever floats your boat.

This past Sunday I told Big Brother he should wear his brown shoes to church. We bought them for him to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding last month and he's not really worn them since then. I'd like for him to get some wear out of them before they are too small. They aren't real dressy at all--lace up and brown--the typical trendy little boy shoes. They are darling and he looks adorable in them!

His reply, "Who's wedding are we going to?"

(I wanted to reply, "Nope son, we aren't. And when I was growing up I had to wear a dress and tights every Sunday!!!" --and your Grandpa had to walk uphill both ways to school ...with no shoes, blah blah blah)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Soccer: Take One

My son had his first soccer game last week. He had only had one practice so it made for a humorous experience for all. Of course I am his mother, but I have to say that he looked adorable! I know the point isn't to look cute, but I'm a girl. I see those things. He had matching clothes and accessories (read: shin guards) and his blond hair was shining in the sun. It was precious! It was kind of surreal seeing him out there--my baby all grown up enough to play competitive sports!

I really like the way the do soccer for little ones--no goalie, no score keeping, cheering only, etc....that's good to start out with, though I did catch myself wanting to coach from the sidelines. Picture this--I'd yell "Way to go Big Brother! Kick the ball!" and he would stop in the middle of the field, look at me and give me the 'thumbs up' along with a big grin! All the other boys are running around him, concentrating, etc! It was hilarious!

Meanwhile my 16 month old keeps trying to go on the field to try to get the ball. Daddy was gone to a bike race, so luckily I had wrangled in my parents to stay for a few days longer so I could have the help. I needed it too! I wasn't prepared...forgot the stroller, no lawn chairs, no bug spray. It was brutal.

Anybody else doing soccer?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sing Happy Birthday...

If you have discovered her yet, go over to my best friend's blog, Love & Labs, and wish Susan a HAPPY 36th Birthday (March 6th)! She could use some help blowing out her candles this year....Old Lady!

Much love to you, Sally!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Castle........

I mean Cinderella's Castle....... (in the Poltergiest movie voice) we're hhhhhhhheeeeeeeerrrreee!

We are in The Magic Kingdom. Actually we are checking out today--have to go to our Character Breakfast this morning and then we're headed home.

Things I learned:
It's been more crowded than we expected.
It's been colder than we expected.
It's been windier than we expected.
Big Brother liked the roller coasters!
Big Brother liked the water ride!
Big Brother didn't like Pirates of the Carribean.
Magic Kingdom can be done in 2 days for-sure (at least for our family).
Some of the rides are the EXACT same as when I came as a child.
There are not coffee makers in the 'value' hotels on property.
Beers cost $6.50.
Margaritas cost $8.50.
It's still the best place on Earth.
I'm still a kid at heart.