Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

So excited to show you what I bought at J Crew.
I started out with these--a staple item-city fit chino shorts in stone and a cool blue hue:

Then HAD to have these *plaid*:

And this to match *plaid again, of course*:

This was my little splurge--the hippie coming out in me--but I could just see myself in this in the upcoming months:

(it being on a hanger does it no justice)

And this (was 40% off and my lip goo will fit perfectly):

I was going to get the madras capris or shorts but couldn't go there because I didn't want my butt to look big or hips or whatever the plaid decided to accentuate that day!

Talk about a happy, happy girl. I was. And still am.

One question: Does J Crew make products specifically to sell at their outlets? I know that the Gap does, so just am wondering. The shorts feel a bit different than the ones I bought at the mall, so am curious. I've not washed them yet, so it may just be me.....


cc said...

not that I spend ANY time at the outlets or shops, but the J. Crew guys know me and my husband on a first name basis! te he! and yes, they DO make things specifically for their outlets. Most of the reps in store, at least in ours, can tell you specifically what and that's helpful.
Also interesting, they tried to put their Crewcuts items in outlets, but the stuff was selling so well at retail that they didn't have enough for their outlets. That said, they will have an outlet kids line coming out this spring/summer. Just random bits of info I heard when I grilled the guys last time I was there. silly! happy shopping!! Love your blog - I stop by often!!

Randall said...

Cute finds! Yes, I believe they do produce stuff just for the outlets - like Gap and Ann Taylor. Still great stuff at a great price. I have the Chino shorts in a few colors and they are always a go-to choice!

Kate said...

I love the flip flops!