Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My weekend

So, yeah, I know it is already Wednesday, but I've not gotten to post since before the weekend, so I need to update. Did my wifely duties and took kids to see their grandparents (my in-laws) who were at their timeshare in Hilton Head for my nephew's Spring Break. Hubby wasn't going to be there until Friday night, but really wanted me to go on Thursday so his parents could see the kids. So, yes, I took Big Brother and Miss Bug on Thursday. Short drive. Thank goodness.

Here's the fun part: it is a 2 bedroom condo and we all stayed in the one bedroom. Miss Bug in the Pack-N-Play (which I have never been crazy about), Big Brother in one bed (then with Daddy when he got there), me in the other. I had to have a bed to myself because if Miss Bug wakes up and starts squawking in the middle of the night, I have to try to quiet her so as to not wake up the other sleepy heads. It was like a 3 ring circus putting everyone to bed. I managed to get Bug to bed first, then would threaten Big Brother with his life if he made noise in the bed when it was his bedtime. He normally talks and sings before he goes to bed, so this was a hard one for him. Thankfully, the sleep machine was our friend so it helped lessen the noise situation. On Friday night I had to go in there and tell Big Brother that if he stayed quiet and went on to sleep and not talk that I would let him have a piece of candy when he woke up. Worked like a charm.

Nana and Pa let Big Brother have Yoo-Hoo by the way which made him bounce off the walls. I don't recommend it-- especially at dinnertime. Those will not be a staple in our house for many years, if ever.

SO SO SO glad to see Daddy walk in the door on Friday night.

Then my saving grace came on Saturday. I got to go to the JCREW outlet all by myself! I was SO SO SO excited. You would've thought I had won the lottery or lost 10 pounds the way I was acting. I remained calm in front of the in laws so as to seem 'normal', then on the way to the car I caught myself skipping.....

Bought some PLAID stuff and will post pictures of it later. It was wonderful....truly what I needed. A girl's gotta have some retail therapy. I'm just sayin....

PS. I forgot to mention that Friday night Bug woke up at 11PM, 3AM, 5AM and was up for the day at 5AM. Now where am I supposed to go in a 2 bedroom condo at that time? All bedrooms had sleeping folks in them and the nephew was on the pull-out couch. I ended up in the bathroom trying to convince Miss Bug that it was not time to get up just yet. I swear I considered going out the front door if the stroller would've been readily accessible and I knew where a room key might be--all clad in my pj's and flip flops!

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lisagh said...

I think it would be just great for Monkey to see more of Georgia. If you're in, so are "we"!

thanks, Lisagh