Sunday, April 27, 2008

Could Be A Freebie!

Monogram Chick is giving a freebie away! If you comment on her post and she picks you, you get a $15 gift go there.........yeah, try it out.........see what happens! You have until Monday to comment, I think...

PS. My baby girl (Miss Bug) cut her first tooth today! How exciting for me--and painful for her!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fill-In

Been a little stressed the past couple of days. My son had to get a crown at the dentist and I ended up hearing him screaming and crying through the 2 doors that separated us. I'll have to post later b/c I don't have the energy to talk about it yet.....we have several more cavities to get fill......and we brush, floss and use flouride daily. It was heart-wrenching. So, with that being said, here is my Friday Fill -In. (I do enjoy doing these!)

1. When I fell in love it scared the shit out of me!

2. I know its time to get my pool/beach bag loaded and ready when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!

3. Oh no! The internet connection is down, I'll have to find some other way to get out of cleaning the house, doing the laundry, paying the bills, playing with the kids or consuming lots of sugar.

4. The Newlywed Game is/was the craziest tv show ever.

5. Cheese and tortilla chips, salsa, sourcream, ground beef and black beans (can I get a 'hell ya' for some nachos?) make a great meal!

6. One thing I know I don't have time or energy for is a garden.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sitting in my bed watching some crap tv and browsing the magazines I've not gotten to look at yet, tomorrow my plans include taking a friend to Savannah for a lunch on the river because it is her 40th birthday and Sunday, I want to possibly hit the pool and get some sun on these paste-y white legs--after church, of course!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, I found a decent picture of myself from a couple years ago and thought I'd post it. It happens to be of Love & Labs and me. She is my BFF, so I found it appropriate to put our picture up together. She is the one that got me into this blogging thing where I now spend a countless amount of time neglecting my children and husband so that I can blog and read your blogs. I love it! I'm addicted. It is so nice to not feel so alone.

I am the one on the left in the cream sweater. Now you can visualize who I am when you see my posts! This could make me prettier or uglier depending on what you thought I looked like! HEE HEE

My smile is not quite so 'toothy', but my drink was most likely an alcoholic one (hence the big smile). It was Love & Labs Bachelorette Party. I'm also not so tan yet--but will get there God willing! So, was I all you imagined I'd be? And more? :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

I was SOOO excited to be tagged. I was a tag virgin so thanks to you, The Pink Clutch !I am to list five random things about myself. This should be interesting. Here goes:

1. I like to sleep with a fan or some type of sound machine on. Not a TV, but some sort of swooshing sound. Ceiling fans don't count because they are made so well now that you can't hear them moving above the bed. So, I have a Marpac Sleep Sound Machine that I love, love, love. It is wonderful This is our second one. Miss Bug (babygirl) has one in her room, now. I also like the fact that it masks any noises so I can sleep longer. And I'm all about some sleep!

2. I'm also with The Pink Clutch on the making noise with your mouth thing. It makes me CRAZY! My dad can chew/crunch yogurt. I am not lying. So you can imagine how my head spins full circle when we are eating cereal for breakfast when I'm visiting. It sends me right over the edge. I literally leave the room so I don't act like a total and complete arse because he IS my father, you know.

3. I love sugar...baked in something or just basically straight up. I'll take it in a cookie, a cake, a brownie, a pie, donut, bread, pudding, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sprinkled on fruit, in cereals, etc. Wherever else you want to put it. I'm in. Count on it. I am now to the point to where I have to have something sweet after practically every meal--even if it is just one cookie, one piece of candy or a stick of gum. It runs in my family. I can't help it. It's their fault. And when it comes to deciding if we should "share" dessert at a restaurant? Well, you know what the answer to that one is, right?

4. I am a true-blue friend. My one friend, Love & Labs, and I have been friends since the third grade. We talk or email several times a week. My other friend, who lives in Denver, and I have been friends for 8 years. We see each other at least yearly and talk on the phone probably 6 days a week. My other dear friend, who still lives in the town where I grew up, has been my friend since the 7th grade. We talk weekly, too. Verizon makes no money on me - I can promise you that. (Yes, my husband thinks I'm on the phone entirely too much, but what does he know?)

5. I love the color red. I have a red chair in my living room from Pottery Barn and it was our splurge when we bought our house. It is gorgeous. We also have some red in pretty much every room in our house. I'm just attracted to it. My son's closet doors in his room are red and they are darling! I don't necessarily wear a lot of red, but I do love it. Consequently our son loves red, too. He would live in red shirts and camo pants if we'd let him. Some days we do.

So, here are my five random things. It could be different tomorrow, but for now, this is what you get. Thanks again for the tag!

I am tagging (unless you've already been tagged) :

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on Crayon in Dryer and then some...

So my concoction of Tide laundry detergent, 43950943 sprays of Shout, 1/2 bottle of Oxyclean liquid and Goof Off--found it on my husband's workbench (smells like lighter fluid) worked! Pretty much everything came out. I did have to wash it on Hot, which I never do, so we'll see if the pants fit. And if they don't, then you can bet your sweet ass I'm going to call up and get another pair sent to me.

Have been feeling stuck in my own home. A prisoner holed up with diapers, baby food, nursing pads, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Hot Wheels, crayons (duh) and the random baby shit that fills your living room. As I look around I see the Exersaucer, Baby Einstein Gym, Bumbo, baby swing and a race track with 3945584839304543 Hot Wheels cars (not Matchbox--keep it straight). And do you know those things hurt like a sonofabitch when you step on them in bare feet?

My next home will have a bonus room or a basement or SOME other place to put all my kids' shit that doesn't necessarily fit in their room. Got that Clemsongirl? (By the way--we have Open House on Sunday--pray for serious buyers!)

So, today I took Miss Bug and we went shopping for my hair goods--have to have Aveda. Not only for the smell, either! Also went to outlets near my house and shopped at the Gap Outlet and Tommy Hilfiger outlet. Then Bug decided it was time to go home. Not after I spent some cashola at the Gap. Bug got a CUTE dress--will try to post a pic later, and another outfit. Big Brother got 2 pair of shorts and a white polo. I got 2 pairs of capri pants and a pair of flip flops. Hubby will shit if he sees I got another pair of flip flops. But they were $9.99! I STILL can't find many shirts that fit b/c of my whole chest drama (see previous post). I swear, if you aren't tall and skinny it is hard to find shirts that fit these days. Everything is LONG. Does anyone else have this problem??? Seriously, I'm NOT a fat person! I'll have to post a pic soon so you can see that I'm not some huge person with unrealistic expectations. I just don't want to look like a hoochiemama.

The point of this post is to say that I feel better now that I got me some retail therapy.

Tomorrow is my paper party--I'm having a consultant from Paperly come and show us her stuff. Check out their stuff! I bought wine, cheese and some sweet stuff. Hope it is successful!

Good Night and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Magenta Crayon + Dryer =

a tie-dyed cluster f*%k of laundry which included my brand new Nantucket Red J. Crew pants that I have only worn one time and my favorite black sweater. Dear God in Heaven, what have I become? I'm SOOOOO in the trenches of mommyhood these days. CALGON...take me awwaaayyyy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breast Stressed

So I think my title is pretty clever, eh? Made you want to read it, maybe? Here's my dilemma: I'm breast-feeding and not sure when, how, if I should continue or stop. I'm going to ramble on and on because I'm needing this time to reflect and you get to hear it. (lucky you) Anyhoo-I am BFing my 6 month old daughter. It has been a serious milestone for me because I wasn't successful with Big Brother. I tried and tried (and cried and cried) and finally gave up. We lasted MAYBE 2 1/2 months. I was more successful pumping, so that is what I did.

This time; however, I was able to make it work. It has been a blessing. I have pretty much exclusively breastfed Miss Bug since birth. I've pumped here and there and she's had a bottle of formula a few times so I could have some freedom (or a break from hurting boobs), so it's not like she won't take the bottle. We just don't give it to her much. The thing is that summertime is coming and I'm starting to itch for some freedom. I guess my biggest reason is b/c I know I'm going to be out and about and I'm not crazy about bfing in front of other people. In particular I have a friend that I go to the beach with quite often in the summer and I know that she'll be uncomfortable. Plus she has a 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son that I know she won't want to have to explain what I'm doing to them. So that is reason #1 (not b/c it is most important, though--these are in random order). I know it shouldn't really be a reason b/c I shouldn't care what other people think, but it still bothers me. #2 I'll also be going to the neighborhood pool and don't want to whip it out there. I'm modest. I'm also not graceful when using a blanket or towel. I'm awkward with it. (though I could work on that) #3. I'm SICK SICK SICK of my boobs being big. They are big anyway, but now I've had to buy bigger shirts and I'm sick of them. This is probably my biggest reason for considering weaning. For example, I got out a cute Kelly green sweater to wear and looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified at my chest. It looked like my boobs were headed north, but facing east and west. EEEEECCCKKKKKK! It just made my mood sour. So, I went to my black collection and picked something there. I do have the Medella nursing bras, but there's only so much a bra can do for a woman who is a 33DDD though it feels like a 33ZZZ! I don't mean to seem so drama, but it REALLY REALLY bothers me. Many people don't see that I'm large-chested, but that is because I hide ie pretty well. I'm a 34DD (or larger sometimes) when I'm not breastfeeding. Back to my reasons: #4. I would like the freedom of having the hubby do the bottle sometimes--like before bedtime or in the morning when we all wake up--then I could have my coffee FIRST. #5. Sand + breastmilk = Possibly Sticky & Gross
*Also, I've had to wear a bra 24/7 since I gave birth.....

BUT then there are the wonderful attributes to bfing. #1. I know it is SO wonderful for my little one. I know that. #2 I do like the bonding (though I am one of those that believe you still bond with a bottle). #3. It is SUPER convenient-available and ready 100% of the time. #4. It is only for a short amount of time. I think the most important is how good it is for her. That is huge for me. Here are the other things--I don't want to pump to slowly wean her off and mix formula and expressed milk. I don't want to be super engorged too. PAIN IN MY ASS

So there you have it--advice and opinions are welcome on any of the above material. Help me figure this one out. I feel like I'm Wilma Whiner, but I really do need some advice even though I know that it is ultimately my decision. I also thought someone might have some wonderful plan that I've not thought of that would help. I think also b/c it is the summertime that it makes me want to quit so I'll feel more free. If it wasn't, I probably wouldn't be feeling this way yet.

Plus, I just looked up some images of bfing to put at the top of this blog and it kind of grossed me out seeing all those boobs. What is my problem? Do I just have boob issues? I did see Ashley's blog (Ashley's Closet) a while back about boobs and it did make me feel better (she had a bunch of pics) b/c those boobs were SCARY. I would attach the link for you, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. My boobs aren't ugly, just big. Maybe we just need to discuss my boob issues and not breastfeeding issues? Shi-ot, one more thing I'm needing to deal with.....HELP ME OUT!
Just thinking right before I post this--I wasn't necessarily grossed out by the pics, I think it was just the ones that people were all 'out there' showing everything, and I'm not about that. And don't get me wrong, I don't get grossed out by people I see doing it--friends, family, people at the mall, whatever--it is the ones who have no couth when doing it......
Oh my gosh, give me a glass of Pinot Grigio someone, quick! (and yes, I partake some while breastfeeding so that isn't one of my reasons to stop....yet)

Monday, April 14, 2008


This morning I let Big Brother eat a waffle in our bed for breakfast (with a towel down in case of spills-I like to call it a 'picnic' read: lazy mom). I had Miss Bug in my bed too, as she had just finished eating. I went into the kitchen for a few minutes to fix my coffee-finding my favorite mug, adding my yummy vanilla creamer and 2 Splendas. Yes, same thing every day.

Then I saw Hubby's laptop on the counter, waiting for me to check email. So, I strolled on over and began checking and answering emails. So often this is what I do: I go into a room, start something, then move on to something else without finishing the first task. Usually I make the coffee, then realize I need to put clothes in the dryer so go to laundry room; then realize the dog needs food and water, do that; then get Big Brother's lunchbox and start that, and on and on and on-when usually my intention was to JUST GET THE DAMN COFFEE AND GO SIT DOWN AND WATCH SOME OF THE TODAY SHOW!

It had been a good 15 minutes and I realized I'd not heard a peep from my bedroom. It was unusually quiet.

I walked in to find that Big Brother had given his 6-month-old sister his bowl (Daddy puts the cut-up waffle w/syrup in a bowl) and she had her face inside the entire bowl and was sucking on the rim. It was HILARIOUS. I wish I would've taken a picture b/c as you know they are worth a thousand words and then you could've seen it for yourself. I ran over and took the bowl b/c I wasn't sure if honey was in syrup and you aren't supposed to let your little ones have honey. DUH--Hubby told me there is no honey in syrup. Miss Bug was grinning from ear to ear and continued to suck on her lower lip in case there was any syrup left.

And that's how our Monday started...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Gangster

Now available for purchase or rental.
(or in our case, movie we own...)

Starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Who doesn't like Denzel Washington, I ask you?

You seen it? Great movie. I have one word for you - INTENSE.
Not a chick flick. I repeat. NOT a chick flick. Hubby will LOVE it that you want to watch it. Also is lengthy, so put kids to bed early, make a snack and drink and get ready to be seriously entertained--or freaked out--or both. You choose.......

PS. In my head when I say 'American Gangster' I say it more like "American Gangsta" and when I do I think of that old song "Naughy by Nay-cha (nature), not cuz' I hate cha..." Get it?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damn Grey's Anatomy...

will it EVER come on again? WTH? What is up with the writer's strike? I am needing me some Patrick Dempsey......verymuchso. I turn on the TV, holding my breath, saying a silent prayer, repeating a positive mantra to myself and WOOSH. SIKE. No Grey's. What a pain in my ass. I can't take much more High School Reunion, reruns of Beauty and the Geek, Supernanny, Wife Swap, The Bachelor, etc. I need some quality TV.....even miss Private Practice, though I think it is gone for good, no?

Enough going to find something else to watch. Maybe Real World is on...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Talk Strollers...

I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old. We have the huge ass Graco stroller that fits the car seat on top for little one. Then we have a Britax stroller (light-weight, compact; can't remember the model) for the 4 year old. So, do I buy a sit and stand stroller for them to be able to ride together? I'm not on the go with both of them a lot by myself. But when I do, the 4 year old wants to be held!!! He's always been this way. He just isn't a big walker. He only weighs about 32 pounds and is more prone to run his mouth than run his legs if you know what I mean.

I saw on another blog where people were really saying great stuff about the Joovy Ultralight Caboose (see above). I have to admit, I'd never even heard of it! I guess I'm out of the loop on strollers ...again. Especially the double kind!
The last time I went single-handedly out for a day with both kids I had the 4 year old riding on my back while the 6 month old sat in the stroller! At one point I even had the 4 year old in the stroller and was carrying the 6 month old! Ridiculous! And what a sight to see, I'm sure...

So, is it worth the money? Will I get a lot of use out of it? Are there other strollers that are better? Help a girl out....

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

So excited to show you what I bought at J Crew.
I started out with these--a staple item-city fit chino shorts in stone and a cool blue hue:

Then HAD to have these *plaid*:

And this to match *plaid again, of course*:

This was my little splurge--the hippie coming out in me--but I could just see myself in this in the upcoming months:

(it being on a hanger does it no justice)

And this (was 40% off and my lip goo will fit perfectly):

I was going to get the madras capris or shorts but couldn't go there because I didn't want my butt to look big or hips or whatever the plaid decided to accentuate that day!

Talk about a happy, happy girl. I was. And still am.

One question: Does J Crew make products specifically to sell at their outlets? I know that the Gap does, so just am wondering. The shorts feel a bit different than the ones I bought at the mall, so am curious. I've not washed them yet, so it may just be me.....

My weekend

So, yeah, I know it is already Wednesday, but I've not gotten to post since before the weekend, so I need to update. Did my wifely duties and took kids to see their grandparents (my in-laws) who were at their timeshare in Hilton Head for my nephew's Spring Break. Hubby wasn't going to be there until Friday night, but really wanted me to go on Thursday so his parents could see the kids. So, yes, I took Big Brother and Miss Bug on Thursday. Short drive. Thank goodness.

Here's the fun part: it is a 2 bedroom condo and we all stayed in the one bedroom. Miss Bug in the Pack-N-Play (which I have never been crazy about), Big Brother in one bed (then with Daddy when he got there), me in the other. I had to have a bed to myself because if Miss Bug wakes up and starts squawking in the middle of the night, I have to try to quiet her so as to not wake up the other sleepy heads. It was like a 3 ring circus putting everyone to bed. I managed to get Bug to bed first, then would threaten Big Brother with his life if he made noise in the bed when it was his bedtime. He normally talks and sings before he goes to bed, so this was a hard one for him. Thankfully, the sleep machine was our friend so it helped lessen the noise situation. On Friday night I had to go in there and tell Big Brother that if he stayed quiet and went on to sleep and not talk that I would let him have a piece of candy when he woke up. Worked like a charm.

Nana and Pa let Big Brother have Yoo-Hoo by the way which made him bounce off the walls. I don't recommend it-- especially at dinnertime. Those will not be a staple in our house for many years, if ever.

SO SO SO glad to see Daddy walk in the door on Friday night.

Then my saving grace came on Saturday. I got to go to the JCREW outlet all by myself! I was SO SO SO excited. You would've thought I had won the lottery or lost 10 pounds the way I was acting. I remained calm in front of the in laws so as to seem 'normal', then on the way to the car I caught myself skipping.....

Bought some PLAID stuff and will post pictures of it later. It was wonderful....truly what I needed. A girl's gotta have some retail therapy. I'm just sayin....

PS. I forgot to mention that Friday night Bug woke up at 11PM, 3AM, 5AM and was up for the day at 5AM. Now where am I supposed to go in a 2 bedroom condo at that time? All bedrooms had sleeping folks in them and the nephew was on the pull-out couch. I ended up in the bathroom trying to convince Miss Bug that it was not time to get up just yet. I swear I considered going out the front door if the stroller would've been readily accessible and I knew where a room key might be--all clad in my pj's and flip flops!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Caved in...

ended up getting the Matchbox Pop-Up Adventure Set--Shark Escape--at the freaking expensive toy store! Called Wal-Mart. It wasn't there. Called KB Toys. Wasn't there either. Those are the only other places in town with toys except for the expensive place.

So. Yes. My dumbass went to expensive toystore and bought toy for child. He was THRILLED. I got a break. He went to bed early. All is well in our household.


Now if only Miss Bug will not wake up 42 times for me to get her pacifier back into her mouth. She is a pro at pulling it out. Not so much at the putting back part. Must work on that. Any suggestions other than some duck tape? I swear if someone could think of a safe way to keep a paci in a child's mouth, they'd be a gazillionaire.

Shark Attack Rescue Center supposed to be at Target so when I went there I'd only have to make ONE trip today. I told Big Brother if he behaved all day that he'd get it. Such a bad Mommy I am sometimes. You aren't supposed to do this bribing thing; well, at least only sometimes, and I've done it too much lately. But what is a Mom to do when Daddy is out of town and I need a freaking break?

So I decided to run my errands at Target (AKA Hundred Dollar Store) and it wasn't there!

I guess I'm off to Wal-Mart later to see if it is there. If not, I'm up shit creek because I'm not going to that expensive toystore on the Island and paying $9 more for it. A girl has her limits.

I'll let you know as the saga continues....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Operation Toe Nail Fairy: Complete

So Big Brother has issues with anyone clipping his toenails or even touching his toes for that matter. He has been this way since he was little (he's only 4 though for cryin' outloud, but its gotten worse. He'll let you cut his fingernails, but NOT the toes. If I even get close to his toes, he says, "Mommmmyyyy, don't cut my toenails!" The only time we ever get to touch the toes is when we are putting on his socks--which he now sleeps in EVERY night and if you forget you will get reminded sometime --it may be 5 minutes after he goes to bed, or it could be at 3 in the morning when he awakens to find out that we forgot them and trot to our room announcing that we forgot and he needs them on. Yes, I don't know HOW, but he actually wakes up enough to realize there are no socks on his feet, gets out of bed, and walks to the other end of the house in pitch dark to our bedroom to inform us of our wrongdoing. How 'bout you put 'em on your own damn self then is what I'm saying???!!!!

So a month or two ago, it was time to cut the toenails. I was showing him how much it didn't hurt to get your toenails trimmed. We were visiting the grandparents. So I cut their toenails, my 13 year old cousin's toenails, my 3 year old cousin's toenails, my own toenails, his 4 month old baby sister's toenails, etc. I even bought him a $10 toy and set it in front of him and told him, "As soon as you let me clip your toenails, you can open this." He stared a HOLE into that toy box, but nope, no toenail trim.

My mom, in passing, just said, "We should do it while he's sleeping." DUH. Yes, she's a genuis. I told her that, too. And then asked what other tricks she had up her sleeve that she needed to share to help me out. She said she couldn't think of any more, but that if another occasion arose like this one, that she'd probably remember again and help me out.

So, that night we went in the bedroom while he was sleeping, clippers and flashlight in hand, and cut those suckers. He didn't even flinch. The next morning he awoke to a note from the Toe Nail Fairy attached to the $10 freaking toy saying, "See-it doesn't hurt when you get your toenails cut. I did it while you were sleeping!"

He was thrilled that he got to open the shark matchbox toy rescue thingy. I asked him if he saw the Toenail Fairy and he said, "Yes." I asked, "What does she look like?" He said, "She looks like a Mary. Kind of like the tooth fairy."

Kids, I tell ya.

It was time again to do it because his damn toenails were starting to curl around the toes, so I went in the other night. He wiggled around and then finally woke up and I just told him that I was making sure he had on socks that I thought I forgot them.

Tonight I drugged him, ahem, I mean I gave him some much-needed nighttime cold medicine, and then went in again. Got 'em girlfriends.

And there you have it. Mission accomplished. But this time I'm not leaving any freaking note...because all I need is for him to have yet another reason he needs a new toy. We'll just see if he notices!