Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pottery Barn OUTLET

Hey--I know many of you ladies live in and around the Atlanta area and I'm wondering if you have been to the Pottery Barn Outlet that is in Dawsonville, just north of Gainesville (GA)? It is the closest one to me, but still would take several HOURS to get there. Just wondering if it is worth it? I know many of them are a 'hit or miss' type of place, also.

For those of you living near other Pottery Barn Outlets, tell me if you've had any luck there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pottery Barn, but am all about some deals.......unless I just HAVE to HAVE it, then it's another story altogether.



clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Hell yes. It rocks. And I'll meet you for a coffee along the way!


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Lets make it a three way! That place is awesome ... I love it and the Burberry and Ralph Lauren outlets as well!

Sign me up ... I'll spring for the Lucky Bucks

Hair Girl said...

I meet you for coffee with the other two and join you for the shopping! I love those outlets.

Carrie said...

I wish I was in GA to shop too.

I just read you 100 list - we have a lot in common. I never saved gum but that sound like something I would do.

Did you ever see where I commented on the Mamaw post? It answered your questions about where in Tennessee I live/lived.

Preppy Mama said...

I have one about 2 hours from where I live and I always find tons of stuff there. I have never walked out empty handed. It is definitely worth a trip.

Mom on the Run said...

Okay, I'm coming with you all next time because I never find a thing. I must be looking in the wrong place.

Buford Betty said...

Oh we go there ALL the time. To that one actually - it's only about a 35-40 min drive from us. All of our rugs came from there. Like any outlet, it's hit or miss - but when it's a hit, it's a HIT. My last purchase was the most amazing bargain ever. All stuff they still sell online... I got a curtain rod, and a ton of those drape ring thingees that hold the drapes... We spent $60. I went online as soon as I got home and put all those same items in my cart so I could *fully* appreciate my bargain. The total online was over $260. Oh yeah.. I bragged about that one for weeks.

So yeah it is great. You can call them and see what they have if you're looking for something specific or to see what items are on special. They always have something going on. AND they will negotiate with you on stuff. Never hurts to ask.