Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Attitude Wednesday

In the car Miss Bug (babygirl) is cooing and gurgling and 'talking' and my son is annoyed. Here is how the conversation went:

Son: Mommy, Bug is too loud.
Mom: Honey, that is just her talking.
Son: Mommy you need to change her out-of-tude.
Mom: I need to change her what?
Son: Her out-of-tude. She has a bad one. And when I have one you tell me I need to change mine or I can go to my room.
Mom: Sweetheart, that is just how she 'talks'. She has to listen to you when you talk, so you get to listen to her when she talks.
Son: Nevermind Mommy....


Hair Girl said...

I know there was an eye roll from him in there too!

Buford Betty said...

Too funny. Hehehhee...

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

My freakin' out-of-tude sucks today. I am crabby and yelling and my children are so over me.

Can you change my tude?