Friday, March 7, 2008

A few moments of FREE TIME...

You never know when you are going to get them...teensy moments of free time. I gots some right now girls.....all children are asleep (so I only have 2, but feels like a load sometimes) and hubby is watching the TV.

A funny for the day--Son had a bad aim today (waited too long to go to potty) and so I told him he is going to have to start cleaning up after himself. So, he got some toilet paper and I didn't see or hear him for several minutes. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Momma, I'm wasting my time." I repeated it, but said, "Oh, you are taking your time?" and he said "Yes, that's it." AHH HHAAAA

OK one more b/c I have free time--the other day I asked Son to help me do something and he said, "Any problem. " I said, "Do you mean 'no problem'?" And he said, 'Mommy, it's not a problem, so it's any problem." I tried to explain that that is what 'no problem' means, but not sure if it went through...SO funny. That is one of my favorite stories so far. I swear 4 year olds can be HIL-ARRRR-EEE-OUS!

PS. Happy 10th Anniversary, Hubby! WE MADE IT! I look forward to many more...


Caffeine Court said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I can't believe you deleted your old blog by mistake. I would be so upset!

Jake and Taryn said...

Thanks for visiting our blog!! Come back soon! Happy 10 year anniversary!! :)

So sorry to hear about your little one's cavaties. I too had many cavaties as a child, but I have not had one as an adult. I would definitely check in to the selants. My brother got them as a child and has NEVER had a cavity. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Scarlett O'Kara said...

Hey Gator Girl...So very happy to find you again! Missed reading your daily updates.

Congrats on your 10 year anniversary. My hubby & I will be celebrating #10 in October. Suppose to take me to Hawaii, but we will see if I can part from my Gator Girls by then.