Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Worth the Investment

You may not not know this yet, but tape can be a worthwhile investment for your family. Yes, just regular scotch tape. Not only is it good for wrapping packages, gifts, paper, etc., but it also is a fantastic tool of entertainment for children of all ages. It can occupy a child for up to 1 hour, possibly longer if you allow. I give a roll of scotch tape to my son, who is almost 5, and he will use it until it runs out. My limit is one roll of tape per occasion. He loves it!

This time he (and his little friend who now thinks I rock) made spider webs, this one on the back of the front door:

This one is between the couch and the chair:

I don't this one was intended for a web, but possibly a baby sister barrier?? You decide:

This is one is on one of Daddy's 'coffee table books' of which he so proudly displays in our home. It usually has kid crap stacked on top of it. This one also has some of the fake ficus tree clippings taped together. Big Brother explained that it was a home for his Bakugan balls:(Daddy will have a fit when he reads this post and sees his precious book with tape on it--no worries, it came off and all is safe.)

And if that's not enough entertainment for your child, he or she can always use his sibling as a means of transportation for some toys to be moved from the living room to the bedroom:

And now I'm off to get ready for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Let the McDreamy drooling commence!


Mona said...

Cute! :)

Surf Girl said...

OMG, that is too funny! Thanks for the idea. That should keep mine occupied for hours. :)
(and I can't get enough of the to watch it now!)

Tickled Pink And Green said...

BabyGirl entertained herself for 2 hours the other day with a $1 box of Hello Kitty bandaids I got at Target. It was great.

Kate said...

The little boys I babysit do the same thing with tape or ribbon. Too funny!

tulipmom said...

Yes! T. goes through it like water. I buy several rolls a week just for him!

Randall said...

How funny... I love the little sister barrier. Hey, it could work!

...and thanks for the book rec. I have read "My Sister's Keeper" and really enjoyed it. I'll have to make note to circle back to some of her other titles.

Elizabeth said...

I've read about the benefits of tape before, but keep forgetting to pick up a pack at the Dollar Tree. This reminds me to add it to my To Do List. thanks!

Capegirl said...

You've been tagged-perhaps I should say tapped.

Elizabeth said...

I got Katie some tape, and she's been having a blast with it. She taped up some rocks yesterday. Go read my blog and you can see a photo of it.
Thanks again for the tape recommendation!