Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am a dork

I'll admit it. I'm a dork. I stress and perseverate on the weirdest things. Okay, so maybe they aren't weird, but they definitely aren't life-threatening or life-altering situations. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: it's our daughter's first birthday next month. I'm already fixated on the 'perfect' birthday invitation.

Will we be having a big shin-dig? No.
Will we be inviting everybody and their brother? No. (Not yet--hee hee)

But I'm ALL ABOUT the invite. I have issues. I love paper. So, at times like this I get literally giddy about getting to pick out invites, announcements, Christmas cards, etc. ( I also love address labels/stickers, notecards, wrapping paper...) I am on the hunt for the perfect 1st Birthday Party invitation for Miss Bug. I don't want it all foo-foo. We aren't foo-foo people. I don't want princesses, tiaras, castles, and blush and bashful everywhere. But I do want cute. I want it to fit her personality (or mine--plaid of course--just kidding--not really). I'm thinking about going to my favorite little shop on the Island to look at their stationery. I usually buy their card stock and print it myself. It's SO much cheaper to print it at home. (The whole 'lining it up just perfect and centered and matching font is a whole 'nother post.) I found Miss Bug's birth announcements there. I also found Big Brother's previous birthday party invites there. Of course I also have to try to think up some cute and catchy phrase to go with the invite. That about puts me over the edge, but I have a friend MixMingleGlow who sometimes helps me out. She is THE master party planner. The pictures from her kids parties are INCREDIBLE and make me want to be 7 again just to have her plan my party. Seriously.

I also have other things I'm picky about like this though. I'm wondering if you guys do too? What are you so so so selective about? For example, I'm also picky about bedspreads/comforters. I bought a comforter for Big Brother and wasn't 100% satisfied with it. Did it last? Not so much. It was cute for that 'time' but as he got older he just outgrew it. I did trains. This time I picked a seersucker. I like the seersucker because I feel it is more timeless. You know? I'm also like that about photographs...........and what to dress my kids in for them. It's school picture time for Big Brother and his little private Pre-K has an awesome photographer come in who I probably wouldn't afford on a regular basis, so I take advantage when he comes to their school. Last year Big Brother's pictures were awesome. Of course he wore a blue Polo. What will he wear this year? The typical white Polo? The red Polo? blah blah blah. And you think I have good enough shopping to just go and pick up something cute? Not so much. What to do? What to do? That will consume a few moments of my time until I realize I don't have time to fester on this crap and just pick something out. I'm a mom of two now, not one! And you KNOW if I pick out a nice white crisp shirt that it will be all nasty by picture time. Unless I turn into that high-maintenance mom-you know the one--who brings the shirt on the hanger and has the teacher put it on the child right before pictures and then take it off right after? That may be me....

So, this is officially a rambling blog from the Plaid Girl. I just am realizing this is why I don't post when I'm tired. Because I risk the chance of boring my girlfriends!

In conclusion, what random silly stuff do you become consumed with when you know it's doesn't really matter? And do you have a new cute shirt for my boy for school pictures?


Robyn said...

Hey girl.
My advice is to go beyond the basic paper invite this year. Small boxed invites are our standard this year and they are so fun and somewhat interactive. For example, we did a paper invite laying flat inside a cardboard box with a couple of small plastic monkey toys and a (real) Dole finger banana for a recent jungle themed party. The toys come in a long tube so you get a ton at a time (like those little army guys) and the real banana was adorable and edible! (Have you seen what I am referring to? They are becoming quite popular lately in the produce section.)
ANOTHER party I JUST did was a monster truck theme (hmmm) and we did the same thing, only with a small little matchbox monster truck tucked inside.
The postage is not that much and you can always just hand deliver them if you want.
This way, you keep the actual paper invite with all the info on it pretty basic (maybe a little artwork and/or colored border) but the real "wow" factor comes as the whole "package"! :)

Belle said...

oh my, I just about lost my mind preparing for Lorelai's graduation party. It was a group affair and I wanted her little gift table to be the cutest (and it was). It took me two weeks to find the right madras plaid for the tablecloth. I'm picky about so many things but decided a long time ago to make no apologies and embrace that about myself. I still drives my husband nuts though!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I will be watching your plans for Miss Bug's 1st Birthday Party...'cause Miss Bry's party is 2 months away!

Lipstick said...

hey Plaid, this post is so great. I am picky about all kinds of things. Probably the number one with respect to the kids is having no random writing on their clothes. I hate clothes that have "varsity swimming 1947" or some other such nonsense on there.

I totally get the pickiness about the invites and I am really impressed with Mix, Mingle, and Glow!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i love going beyond the paper, make it something to take home that way your invite will always remember the party before they even show up!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I checked yours out, and I've only read this one post. But I'm going to have to come back when I have more time. I can tell you are someone I'd get along with very well, just by reading your profile! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

About the "dork" post - I guess that makes me a dork too. I LOVE paper, and could spend hours in the office supply store looking at pens and paper and labels. Heaven!

I also agree with Lipstick - I hate kids' clothes with all that nonsense on it. If my kids' shirts have any sayings on them, it's because I put them on there! (See my Katie Kay Tees blog for examples.)

I'll be back to read and comment more later! :) Nice to "meet" you, new friend!

Preppy 101 said...

OCD about my handwriting on anything...pens, stationery, how the bow looks when I wrap something, my bedding, throw pillows on my sofa... I could literally go on and on..haha... see - you are not alone! Don't you feel better?! And I can't even get into the ordeal involved with anything that I plan...But I love doing it.. Enjoy your party!

The wife said...

I completely understand the paper love affair as I too am afflicted with it. Embrace it and know that every year people look forward to receiving your invites or holiday greetings in the mail! I have people still talk to me about some cards I sent out 4 years ago!!

Anonymous said...

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