Monday, June 30, 2008

Benadryl better kick in...

So sue me, call Childcare Services. I don't care. Gave Big Brother Benadryl to get him to go to sleep. It's 9:10 pm. He's been in bed since about 8. IT. IS. TIME.

Thought he was asleep. Just heard him. DANG.

We did the drive. all.the.way.home. It wasn't terrible, but let's just say I don't plan on doing it again until I forget how hard and painful it is to drive 2 small children for about 8 hours in the car. Miss Bug slept from 11:45-12:15pm. Then didn't fall asleep again until 4PM! She was getting mental back there.

Thank goodness Big Brother fell asleep right before that because if I heard "Mommy are we there YEEEEETTT?" one more time I might've clocked him with a snack from the front seat. Seriously. A girl has her limits.

Big Brother loves loves loves to sleep with Mamaw. They are very close and it is a special treat to get to sleep and snuggle with her. She loves it too! So of course now that we're home he doesn't want to sleep in the big boy bed. This usually happens for a night or two and then he's okay.

Since Daddy is out of town I don't feel like fighting it tonight. I put him in our bed. Here is what has transpired:

Big Brother: Mommy, can I please watch one more show?

Me: NO.

Big Brother: Please?

Me: No. Don't ask again.

Big Brother begins to cry and cry and cry and talk about how he's never going to get to see his mamaw again: It is going to take a wong wong time before I see her again.

Me: No, It's not. I know it's hard. I miss her too. We'll see her again. How about tomorrow we set up the bounce house and invite some friends to come over?

Big Brother: Ok. Can we go to the movies and the pool, too?

Me: We'll see . (always hated that answer as a child)

Big Brother: I weally miss Mamaw. It's going to be a wong wong time before I see her again. I just know it.

Me: No it's not honey. We'll go see her again and she'll come here, just like always. (They're headed to Alaska on Friday.....lucky ducks)

Big Brother: Mommy. I have to tell you something. I'm very very very sad and I miss Mamaw so so much.

I'm feeling sorry for him for the first 1/2 hour. Now I'm ready to hang him.

I told him he needed to get it together or he was going to go back to his room.

Big Brother: *sniffle* sniffle* Mommy, my legs hurt.

Sometimes he gets growing pains, but he did no sort of exercise, so I gave him Benadryl instead of Tylenol.

So here I am blogging, missing the Bachelorette AGAIN..........waiting for him to pass out.

Just went in there and checked on him. He is so stinking cute. Here is what all is in the bed surrounding him: green stuffed animal turtle, orange stuffed animal turtle, stuffed animal sting ray, 4 metal airplanes, Thomas flashlight, sippy cup of water. I just was snuggling with him (he is asleep) and realized I was latched on to the green turtle. Lovely.

BTW, don't freak out. I gave him the appropriate recommended dosage according to his weight and age--2 cups. HA! Just kidding--one teaspoon.

You guilty of Benadryl? Come on...fess up.


tulipmom said...

I feel your pain re the long drive. We drove for seven and a half hours on Saturday when we took Tulipbaby on her first trip. Between SB asking "Are we there yet?" every 2 seconds and her needing to stop to eat/change diaper/etc. every 5 minutes, I thought we'd never make it! (P.S. It's supposed to be a 4 hour trip!).

Lipstick said...

We have totally been there with the Benadryl! It ended up being a blessing because JBB woke up the next morning rested and not grouchy (and the "bonus" of no snot in his nose!). I hope you can get some rest!

Preppy Mama said...

When little man was a year old the doctor told me to give him some because he was a horrible sleeper. She told me to try it at nap time first in case he is one of the small percentage of children who has an adverse reaction to it. Guess what? He's one of the few who gets hyper from it. No such luck for us!!

Anonymous said...

Totally guilty. Many times over. As long as it is used in moderation, I don't think it is a problem.

Randall said...

I don't have children so I don't have a Benadryl story but I couldn't help but giggle at "wong, wong time..." Teehee - at least he is so gosh darn cute sound asleep!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Been there, done that.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Seems Benadryl has the opposite effect on my little guy, so I can't resort to it in desperation. Would if I could, in a heartbeat.

Surf Girl said...

We are so on the Benadryl wagon. Our bonus is that he really does have bad allergies so not only does he go to sleep, but he quits doing that awful sniff, sniff that drives me up the wall. Good lord, will I ever be able to teach the boy to go get a tissue??? :)