Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Drive Home...

is tomorrow. 7 1/2. hour. drive. at. least. Please pray to our Dear Lord that I make it and don't end up duct taping anyboy's mouth shut! Just in case I begin to get looney (or should I say Big Brother begins to get looney), I bought reinforcements for the ride--

For Big Brother:
#1. Alvin and the Chipmunks Cartoon Series ---approx. 66 minutes
#2. Little Einsteins Lost in Space -- approx. 78 minutes
and the grand finale ...
#3. Diego and something about a Gorilla -- approx. 98 minutes

For Miss Bug:
New batteries for her Baby Einstein music thingamabob that she looks at...

For a grand-freaking-total of $50.72!!!!

For Me:
Nada--but I'll have a full cup o' Joe and some candy stashed somewhere that Big Brother can't see!!!

Then when we get home I get to call the roofer to come and fix our house so we can take the tarps down. Unless you think that someone would want to buy the house w/holes and lovely tarps included?

Now let's have Group Prayer for my sanity...........

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