Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty Mouth Plaid Girl

My sister-in-law brought her two sons to visit today while we are at Mamaw/Papaw Camp 2008. My dad, who was labeled as a 'Super Guy' by my 6 year old nephew, was willing to entertain. He has a workshop with all kinds of trinkets, etc, so the boys had a ball. Three boys--2 of them 4 years old (my son being one of the 4 year olds), and then the 6 year old--were in Papaw's Workshop. My sister-in-law and I watched Miss Bug while they played out there for a while.

When Miss Bug went down for a nap, we rode the golf cart around to the different barns to visit the animals. We were visiting and feeding the goats when they began to sneak out from under the gate. I went back to the barn to get some more feed to put in their trough so that I could herd the goats back into the fence.

When I got in there, all of a sudden the big black goat was jumping up to look into the barrel of feed. So here's this big ol' goat practically jumping on me! It scared me to death and I yelled, "Shit!" It was just the automatic response coming out of me. The 6 year old nephew and my son were outside sitting in the golf cart while random goats roamed about, but the other 4 year old nephew was in the barn with me. He is the fearless one. Needless to say, he heard me and immediately yelled, "Shit!" My sister-in-law about fell over. She ran over to him and told him he was NOT to say that word ever again and that Aunt Karen shouldn't have said it.

I felt horrible and apologized and told my nephew that I shouldn't have said it. I said to my sister-in-law, "He's never heard that before?" She said no. Woops. I truly don't think my son has ever heard that word before either, but anytime he does hear a new word, he's never immediately tried it out!

It was pretty funny though. Maybe my son is saving it in his mental Rolodex and will pull it out sometime at church or in public somewhere. I guess we shall find out, eh?


Lipstick said...

Too funny! When our son was just learning to talk, he started saying f*** a lot. We were horrified and finally figured out he heard it when Hubby was watching Deadwood on HBO (and the TV censorsip began...).

Buford Betty said...

Oh that's too funny... hehehehe!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...'re not supposed to stay at Granny camp WITH them! Silly girl! Drop them off and pump while she's gone...

:) Glad you're having fun!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Funny story! I bet it will come out with your son when you least expect it too.....:)