Tuesday, July 1, 2008

List Tuesday

Check out this list of what I have had to do today and tell me that this means that I won't have to do ANY of this for, as my son would say, "a wong wong time"....:

#1. Called homeowner's insurance about estimate for roof damage

#2. Called medical insurance about reimbursement for sedation/dentist.

#3. Called car insurance about car damage.

#4. Called Direct TV b/c our satellite is OUT! (no Bachelorette last night--no TV period)

#5. Called Bassett furniture about delivering our mattress.

#6. Call Gap b/c bill was late and just realized it. Made sure they would remove fee or I would be cutting up the card. I do love a Gap Reward or two, but not if they don't take care of their valued customers.

#7. Call babysitter...

#8. Go to grocery.

WHAT IS NEXT? Can I call anyone else? Please? Can anyone else take my money today? Seriously.

Put Miss Bug down to nap at 9:30 and she is up at 10:10. That is just wrong.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And who is going to want to look at our house when we have that big ass tarp covering the chimney? Must get a pic for you to have the lovely visual.......


Linney Shvede said...

Cute blog...sounds like you needed to glue that ear to the phone for a wong time!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Yuck. Big yuck.

Wednesday will be better, I promise.

AFRo said...

I LOVE LISTING!!! Open up a new window and go to your blog, then click on the post title of the one you want to link. Copy the web address out of the little bar at the very top of the screen... go back to the post you're putting the link in... highlight the words that you want to show in the blue "link" then click the little button in the type box that is a globe with a piece of a chain in front of it. A little box will pop up. Paste the web address there and click okay.

You're post should be linked.

Let me know if you have questions. You can do it!

Randall said...

Oh, boo... well at least you won't have to do more of that stuff for a "wong, wong, wong" time!

Mama's Losin' It said...

UGH!!!! I hate making phone call.

I hate paying bills.

I HATE short naps.

I hate missing my shows.

Sucky day.

At least it's a long weekend!! And then we get to meet DeAnna's parents...I heard Jesse cut his hair...woo hoo!