Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bachelorette 2008

So I got the last 20 minutes of The Bachelorette....and I missed some d-r-a-m-a! Dang--the one night I miss it, I miss the good stuff! I was able to watch the rose ceremony and couldn't believe it when she didn't pick Graham and picked the snowboarder who DESPERATELY needs to cut his hair!

Any of you who have been watching DeAnna (CrapTV), tell me what happened with Graham! Looks like he acted like a jackass from the last few minutes I saw. And then he gives her this letter, probably pouring out his heart, but too little too late Big Man! She was visibly upset!

So, help me out if you watched last night! :)


KK said...

It was kind of weird. She had great home town dates with every guy. But at the end of Graham's date they were sitting on this bench and he would barely speak to her. It was kind of weird. Also, Graham's mom told her that it's hard for him to last longer than 4 weeks when it comes to dating and he is closed off, doesn't let people in. Which is exactly what he did at the end.

But the three other dates were all really great. I was kind of shocked how she fit in with all four families.

CM said...

Graham acted all lovey dovey when they first saw each other at his hometown date and then at his house. Then as KK said, he acted all weird. Then, during the rose ceremony he rocked back and forth the whole time smiling. It was very strange. I think she did the right thing though. I am so afraid if she picked him, he would have ended up breaking her heart in a few months. I don't think he is ready for a commitment. I think that now its between Jason and Jeremy. I'm afraid that Jeremy isn't ready for the commitment. She won't pick Jesse because he is just not her type. He's the best friend, not the boyfriend type. I am rooting for Jason. He's settled, he is genuine and he's ready.

nanny said...

Yes,,,,go Jason!Isn't he the sweetest????

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for Jason as well. But I like Jeremy, too (it may just be his abs I like). But Jason seems to have it together. Graham...hmmm...I think she liked him because she wanted to be that girl who got him to hang around longer. That must have been intriguing to her. I am glad she didn't give him a rose. I hate to say it, but I got sucked in this season as well.