Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Over! It's Over!

My sweet baby boy made it through with shining colors! (see previous post)

If you want details, comment on my blog and I'll email you, but everything went really well. Big Brother started to get antsy because he was hungry and thirsty so he wanted to see the dentist so he could eat! We went back in the room and when they were getting ready to do the IV (which he had NO clue about) I told him I had to go potty and that I'd be right back. Daddy was in there with him. He gave him the 'bear hug' so that they could do the IV. I could hear him getting very upset but within a few minutes he became calm. I went back in and he was out. And I mean out. I was actually relieved because I knew that most likely the worst was over.

He got cavities filled, woke up from sedation with no problem and wanted to eat! First thing he said (very drowsily) was, "Mommy, they gave me a shot." Then said, "I'm hungry."

Everyone was very nice. I can tell you right now--no way on God's Green Earth could I be a dentist--a pediatric one at that. I'm sorry, no offense to anyone who is one, is married to one, is a daughter of one, etc, but it is just not something I could do. When I heard the next victim, I mean patient, crying and crying it just broke my heart. I guess I couldn't be a doctor either. I know they help people and I'm so thankful we have people who have the gift of doing those things, but not for me. People say that about teacher sometimes too, and being one of those, I love doing it. So to each his own!

So, Big Brother was fine all afternoon taking full advantage of the opportunity to eat Cheetos Cheese Puffs until his belly was more than full. Me, on the other hand, needed a nap. I took a snooze and Big Brother watched his new Diego DVD. Daddy worked and Miss Bug napped, too.
I love naps. I love my bed. I love sleep.

Just took 2 Tylenol PM's. I wish I still had some of those good pain meds from when I had my c-section-talk about 'chillin'! Thanks for all of your well wishes and support.

For the record, Big Brother doesn't even think/know they looked in his mouth. He said he got a shot. That was it. Doesn't even realize he has 6 new fillings. And the fillings aren't that shiny silver anymore like I had. They look like the silver of a Crayola crayon--kind of fuzzy looking and are more camouflaged in his mouth. (We didn't go porcelain b/c Dentist said those tend to fall out easier and we did not want to take that risk!)


Preppy Mama said...

So relieved its over and it went well. I hate going to the Dentist!

tulipmom said...

Thank goodness it's over and everything went smoothly. I'm not surprised to hear you needed a nap. Just the anticipation alone was probably enough to exhaust you.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh, what wonderful news. I was wondering how everything turned out. Good that he doesn't remember!