Friday, May 30, 2008

Retail Therapy....

So excited to get out of the *dadgum (*southern term used instead of cussing for the 329445728th time)house. Hubby finally got home and I had to go and run errands. (Read: had to get the *F * out) I needed to buy a waterproof mattress pad for our bed.

Big Brother has been camped out in our room since he got sick and when I was arguing with him to try to go potty at 3am so that he didn't have an accident in our bed, I decided that yes, it is time to get a waterproof one.

We've got another kid in the house now (Miss Bug) and it's not like someone won't pee or spill something on our bed sometime in the future! Hell, it could even be me or Hubby that spills!

My intentions when shopping were to also look for new sheets for the guest bed. I didn't find any for the bed that needs them, but I did find some surfboard sheets and a blue and white seersucker comforter for Big Brother's bed! He loves them! I thought it would help to get him back in his bed because this is his last night in mine.

I swear, this Amoxicillin had best get its butt in gear and heal my baby boy because I want my life back!

I'll wash the sheets and comforter and put them on the bed and take a pic. It's going to be so cute and I'm glad he liked it! :) I swear, sometimes a girl's just got to have some retail therapy. It makes everything all better. Can I get a *woot-woot* for that one?

PS. I'm trying not to think about the fact that right now several of my good friends who I've not seen in ages are partying and celebrating and drinking themselves into a nice buzz (if not worse). And I'm supposed to be there. But, nooooooo. I'm blogging about freaking waterproof mattress pads. Humph!


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Self-medication is highly recommended...retail therapy is a good, good thing.

Love the sheets!

asouthernsass said...

Retail therapy always works for me - actually that and red wine!:) So you commented on my blog about a month ago and then I fell off the planet (sorry!) Anyway, I grew up in Albany, GA and you said you were in south georgia too. I finally escaped to Raleigh but little sis still lives there so I go back all the time!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Hi there...I hope everyone is better..retail therapy always works!
Thanks for the comment on my ebay name is Mo10shop!! I am going to be listing some scrapbooking things soon too!