Monday, May 12, 2008

Package On My Porch

Remember the Paperly party I had a couple of weeks ago? I contacted the company and they sent a consultant here from Greeneville, SC so I could hostess a party. The stuff is amazing and SO cute and if I didn't have 2 young children I'd probably become a consultant because this stuff is something I really do love. Paperly sells Kelly Hughes Designs, Embossed Graphics, Dinky Designs, 3 Designing Women and a few more, but my favorite product they sell is what came in the mail today.....

My package from Boatman Gellar :

(even the stinkin' box is cool)

Here is mine (notecards)-fav color is red, always red--and look at how comfy-cozy the paper is nestled in the boxThis one is for my friend's daughter (sorry it is a bit blurry)-notecards again... I actually ordered these in gift stickers for my daughter!

These are stickers were ordered by another person at the party:
Another set of stickers ordered chocolate and light blue damask so cute (sorry for the blurry again, too excited to retake and then download onto computer!)

In my opinion Boatman Gellar is a bit pricey, but since I hostessed and got some 'free' money I ordered myself a set of notecards and a set of gift stickers. SO SO exciting! Now, if you happen to RECEIVE one of these oh-so-awesome cards from me, you need to know that you are dear and special to me because I don't spend $65 on a set of 25 notecards to send to just anyone!

I'm just saying....


suburban prep said...

Love Boatman Geller and I do agree regarding their prices.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Those are so cute, I will def. have too look into them. I love you blog (I found you from Lipstick at the Mailbox). Hope you have a great day

The 5 Bickies said...

Love what you bought and love Boatman Geller.

Tiffany said...

Ohh... I'm a paper-o-holic, it's a problem! Hehe, okay not that bad but I do LOVE specialty papers and stationary.

Your blog is lovely! I'm also a SAHM and a former educator. I'll be back again soon to see what you've been up to!