Friday, May 30, 2008

Or So I Just THOUGHT....

we were going to Orlando.

When your kid wakes up at 1:30am with a 103.5 fever and you administer Motrin and then he immediately throws up in your cupped hands you begin to wonder if it is really worth it??? I was still thinking as I change his shirt that has puke on the arm (that didn't go into said cupped hands), "Okay. He is just reacting adversely to the fact that he just woke up and I gave him more meds. It just upset his tummy." So, he cries and cries. Breaks my heart. Then I wait a few minutes and let him calm down. Then I try again, more slowly this time, to administer meds again. It works. I'm still thinking we can do this.

Then he finally falls asleep at 3am. And that is when I hear his breathing. His lymph nodes/tonsils (whatever) are so swollen that they begin to block his airway. Yes, scary. This has happened before. He kind of alternates between breathing through his mouth and nose and it is like snoring but scarier and you can just tell he is having a hard time breathing. I laid there and just listened to him breathe for quite some time. I had been asking God to give me a sign, and that was it. You just don't mess around with the whole lack of oxygen thing, ya know?

Then Miss Bug wakes up at 5 fussing and I go put the Nuk back into her mouth. Then she's up for the day at 6AM. WTH?

At 6:30am, I called the resort where we had reservations and explained that I had called the previous day saying we might need to cancel, and now I know we need to because my son had gotten sicker. She cancelled with no problem. Full money back. Thank goodness. I can surely use that $200 for something else.

I then call the babysitter to tell her. I thought her phone would be off, but she answered. Poor thing. I told her to go back to sleep that we were not going and to call me later. She said she was sorry that my son was feeling so bad. She is wonderful.

Big Brother sleeps until 10:30am when I go and wake him up myself. He is burning up again, so I get Tylenol in him and he's just now finished 4 crackers. I've got to get the antibiotic in him but don't want him to throw it up. So, I just gave him 4 more crackers. The pharmacist recommended 12 hours between dosages, but that won't happen today. I need to get 2 full doses in there!

I also had to call the neighbors that were going to watch our dog. Geez, it's amazing what all you have to go through to make/cancel plans when you have a family, isn't it?

I'm going to pay the babysitter 1/2 of what we were going to pay her for her troubles. Does this sound reasonable? I had told her a couple of days ago that this might happen and she was here when I took Son to doctor, so she wasn't very surprised. What do you think?

Now I have a cute outfit, special deodorant, etc and no place to wear it. I texted my friends and told them I just couldn't come. Sometimes it sucks being a grown up and having to make mature, responsible decisions.

I did make plans to go see Sex and the City tomorrow possibly if Hubby will watch the kids.

Oh and BTW, Hubby, has been out of town since early Tuesday morning. He gets home this afternoon. I think I deserve at least that,yes?

I'm just saying...

PS. The pediatrician said it is unlikely that Miss Bug (7 months old) will get strep. He said it usually happens in children over a year old. Do we believe what he is saying?


tulipmom said...

Re the strep, I've never heard that before ... sounds like a bunch of **ap to me, but I sure hope he's right.

I'm sorry to hear Big Brother is so sick and that you had to cancel your trip. Being new to this 2 kid thing, I can only IMAGINE all the prep you went through to get everyone ready to go. Oy.

You definitely deserve a few hours to yourself this weekend. I hope you enjoy the movie!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Oooh what a nightmare. And I hate all the calling and stuff you have to do to cancel something.

I'm curious, what's the special deodorant?!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I am so sorry about your trip. I hope BB gets better.
Definately go tomorrow even if you have to go by yourself (you can always leave husband to watch kids and take the babysitter)!!!!!!!!! You need and deserve it!

Preppy Mama said...

Poor little guy and poor you. How scary is it when they get sick?
Sorry about your trip.