Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Why the hell do stamps keep going up? Just leave them I have a ton of 41cent stamps that I'm going to have to buy 1cent attachment stamp. It is annoying. Back to the post office I go.....I know I should just have some 1cent stamps laying around, but I don't. (kind of like when you need batteries for your kids new toy and you don't have the right size)

2. I miss Katie Couric. She was on the Today show today promoting a cancer charity thingy that is coming up and I just miss seeing her--her outfits, her smile, her funny comments. She made it like you weren't necessarily watching a news show. It was that and more.

3. My son has a fever. We are on fever day #2. He pretty much has watched TV constantly since the fever ensued. We are supposed to be going to a wedding reception this weekend. I was planning on posting pics and everything. Now we might not be going.

4. The Blue Heron Beach Resort has a 72 hour cancellation policy. WTH? I called to explain the fever situation and that we wouldn't know until the night before if we would need to cancel. Nice woman said she understood, that she has kids, too. So she gave us 24 hour-ish notice. Now let's just hope he doesn't end up throwing up or something while we are there.

5. We even hired our babysitter to come and watch small children in the hotel while we go and party. I bought a new outfit and everything.

6. The resort even has a pontoon boat that you can take to the reception (read: you can be drunk and not have to drink and drive).

6. A good friend of mine who used to live here sent me a box of baby girl clothes--we're talking Gymboree, Baby Gap, Janie and Jack, Babystyle, Ralph Lauren--and it was like Christmas yesterday when I opened the box. So exciting.

7. I love baby girl clothes. They are so so so cute!

8. I still have not showered and should be because Miss Bug will be waking up soon. Don't want to. We probably won't go anywhere anyway b/c of #3.

9. I think I have gone over in my texting for my phone plan. I can't remember how many I have..either 250 or 500. If it is 250 then I have some texting issues, you think?

I could ramble on and on but now it is time to get on the phone and chat w/Suz...and the time-wasting continues. But I digress...


Kate said...

About #1 - but the "First Class Forever" stamps - they are whatever the current price is and then you don't have to keep buying 1 cent stamps - they are good "forever." Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos!

E.B. in Tennessee said...

I love baby girl clothes, too -- but I don't have a baby girl (yet). I think I make my husband nervous every time we pass by them in a store :)

Far From Perfect said...

Ask 10 people on the street if they know how much a 1st class stamp is? I just keep buying 1 cent stamps,cause I can't remember.

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I am so annoyed about the stamps too!!!!!!!!!!

Hand-me-downs are the best (especially when they are super cute!!)!

Hope the kids feel better!