Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Time....

...to sell our house!
Seriously, it has been on the market since August--yes, August 2007--and I'm ready to go. We put it on the market early. I wasn't ready to go in August because I was pregnant and due in October. I needed stability then. I got it, thanks to the man above, and now I'm ready. As you all know, the market is very slow, but it must be at a snail's pace here in South Georgia.

Hubby buried St. Joseph this morning......and we're not even Catholic! Hubby grew up Catholic so I think it still counts??

In case you know someone who is looking to move our way, or you want to send someone away from you, we have a great house. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. We have a great den, large dining room, hardwood floors, carpet in bedrooms, tile in bathrooms/laundry room. We have stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops in kitchen. We have a fence, large back yard, rocking chair porch and security system. Hell, I'll even give you the dog (Just kidding, Hubby). Our neighborhood has great sidewalks, a pool and basketball court.

We do like our house/neighborhood, it's just that we have to move--and into a bigger house! Oh, and one that is in the Northern Atlanta area. (We need a bigger airport for all of the traveling that he does.) Husband works from home and we don't have enough room for him, his work crap and us, too! We need an extra bedroom for an office, a playroom, something! Ohhhh, I'm DYYYYING for a playroom/bonusroom!

Realtor was supposed to have 2 showings this weekend and guess how many she had? Can you say big goose egg? She had 2 potential buyers call her to make plans and then she called them back practically all weekend and no response. What a letdown! I told her she should go ahead and have an open house.....hell, invite the neighbors in while the house is all sparkly clean for crying out loud!

Dog hair will be back today once I pick up Carly. Toys are beginning to spill out of closets. Laundry is piling up........so much for my tidy home. It was nice while it lasted.

So, send a buyer our way. Gnats are free....
PS. Our front door is now red and there pretty yellow Pansies out front.


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Beautiful home...but I don't know of anyone that is looking to move to Georgia...sorry.

Susan D. said...

We did St. Joseph and you know neither one of us are Catholic. I prayed my daily prayer to St. Joseph every day! Now, you're supposed to dig him up when you sell, but we couldn't find him, so hopefully that won't bring any bad karma. Good luck - I didn't realize it had been nearly a year. The house still looks great, btw.

nanny said...

Realtors!!!Piece of work aren't they? Build you up and then......nothing.
Your house is very pretty, wish I knew someone who needed it. Love your blog, read it daily.

Randall said...

My mother is a Realtor and swears by St. Joseph... I hope it works for you all too!

Mamalicious said...

My mom also sells RE and she swears St. Joseph works.

Your home is beautiful. I hope you sell soon and find your dream home and that everything is easy!