Monday, May 5, 2008

New Pants + New Shoes = Happy Girl

Went to TJ Maxx over the weekend and found some cute shoes. Love it when you are just browsing, see a pair of shoes, toss them on the floor to slip your foot into them and WALLAHHH...they fit perfectly and make your foot look teensy and cute. Yes, purchased thankyouverymuch. (but looking at this picture makes me look like I have 'troll' feet?! WTH?)
Then went to the Outlets today while Big Brother was at school--it's the only decent place to shop sometimes around here sadly enough to say. I do love a Gap Outlet because I can usually find something for myself even if it is just a stretch T and if not, they always have something for the kids. I found some cute cropped seersucker trousers. So stinkin' cute. They fit perfectly, so yes, they are now part of my wardrobe. Not sure what shirt to wear, but will find something I'm sure, even if it is just a nice white T-shirt.

I also bought a bright blue short sleeve sweater. Trying to branch out from the black and white t-shirt collection that fills my closet. I just love a black shirt. It is perfect. Matches everything - especially my overabundance of JCrew flip-flops. This sweater will look good with one of my 14 pairs of khaki capri pants.

Once again, a happy girl is a shopping girl..
BUT I do have one gripe. What the hell is up with all these shirts being so freaking tight and long/narrow? Maybe I'm needing to admit that I'm getting older and need to do some department store buying, is that it? Seriously? I'm only thirty freaking five. But I swear, I'm always having to buy a XL many times and I'm not a big person. Yes, like I said, I do have somewhat of a large chest 34DD (I know TMI) but that doesn't mean that my body is an XL! Doesn't the media even advertise that the average size of a woman is a 12? Well, if that is the case, then she'd probably wear a freaking size XL too!!!! And if she is the average, then shouldn't she be a size M or L in a shirt just to put her in the 'middle' of the sizing chart? It really is pissing me off. And no, I don't wear really tight shirts because I think that it is trashy and it shows my back-fat. But I won't get started on that one.

And the 'built in shelf bra' my ass....

I never in my life thought that buying pants would be easier than buying a shirt. And I'm 5 foot 2 1/2 inches, so it's not like I fit into the 'regular' size. I usually get the 's' for SHORT.......and I'm okay with that. Maybe they need to start coming out with Tshirts that say your size and then 'B' for Boobs.........hhhhmmmmmmmmm. Or maybe I just need to get the breast reduction I continue to think about. It's only a matter of time before I break down. But I digress.


tulipmom said...

I'm laughing out loud at the "B" for boobs .... I love it and I'm right there with you!

Cute finds at the Outlet. Is it my imagination or does the Gap Outlet often have nicer stuff than the regular Gap store?

Thanks for your comment. SB was finally able to articulate some of his feelings of jealousy and insecurity over the weekend ... things we had talked and read about beforehand but stuff you can't totally prepare them for until they experience it.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Love the new shopping finds...

The 5 Bickies said...

Love the seersucker at Gap. Almost bought the blue seersucker shorts but wondered if too short. I will keep any eye out for them on sale. You'll love your pants.