Thursday, May 29, 2008


The plan is still on for us to go to Orlando tomorrow. I have doctor appt. for Big Brother today to see what is up with this fever. I hope we find whatever it is rather than it just being viral. I just get worried.

Here's the situation: I'm wearing a sleeveless ruched wrap top--so cute. I already got a little bit of deoderant on it somehow when I tried it on. HOW DO YOU GET IT OFF SAFELY? I don't want to wash it before we go. My deoderant--Secret Invisible Solid--says it is invisible, but it's not. I need some that is, and with a quickness.

#1. How to get deoderant off black shirt safely?

#2. What deoderant is really invisible? (And I don't like that drippy stuff, but if it is what really works, then I'll do it.)


Susan D. said...

What's the shirt made of? You can probably dampen a cloth (do something lint-free, so you don't end up with a bigger mess) and wipe it off. I think most materials will be fine. I've done this before & just taken water on my hand and wiped it off and have been fine.

I just tried Dove and it does seem to be more invisible than others. It's a solid and not goopy.

Good luck - I know you've been looking forward to this trip.

k said...

Rub it with dry pantyhose, it work's the same way these do:

Hair Girl said...

I use Degree invisible. They say "little Black dress proof", I have had great luck. Apply it and wait about 10 minutes before getting dressed. (If I get dressed immediately there are always smudges.)
Damp black or dark towel works well on getting them out. Just rub.

Have fun.

Kate said...

I second what K said. I bought those (Gal Pal Garment Deodorant Removers) for my sister at the Container Store and she swears by them.

L.A. Prep said...

Thank goodness for this advice, I have the same problem over & over with any deodorant I use. it drives me crazy!