Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thomas The Tank Engine

Rolling along...di di di dooooooooo! Are you singing the theme song yet by just reading the title? If so, then we're on the same page. Yes, my son was a HUGE Thomas fan. Well, he is quickly getting older and Thomas is getting the oust.

This means me trying to get back some of the many, many dollars I paid for him and his friends.

I'm giving my friends a chance to look over it first and then I'm going to consign it I think. I MIGHT put some out at the garage sale, but am not going to bargain on it.

My question is..what do I charge? I know, I'm being high maintenance again, but I need to know what normal peeps would pay for him.

Here goes--How much for:
-the wooden real-deal Thomas trains? (like Henry, Percy, etc)

-the Take Along Thomas stuff (magnetic on either side--different from the wooden stuff)?

I'm getting rid of ALL this, but not much of the wooden stuff...
What about pieces of track? I'm only getting rid of non-Thomas track--like Brio and such
Do I do about 50cents a piece?
And Lord knows I'm having to do this all undercover so as to not let Big Brother find out about it or he'd have a fit......even though he doesn't play with it anymore. You know the story....
THANKS! (And if you are looking for something, let me know and we can make a deal!)


Lipstick said...

Hey there Mad About Plaid Girl! Thank you so much for your kind comments today!

JBB has ousted Thomas too. Kinda sad in a weird way, b/c now he likes Transformers and Spiderman.

You know...a thought about the yard sale/consignment-you may make more of your money back by selling the entire set and it may keep you from getting stuck with random pieces that no one bought. You might be able to craigslist it too.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, does this bring back memories of our nephew's Thomas stash. We loved it because it made gift-giving easy, but after a couple of years...!

Good luck!

The Mrs. said...

Landon is Elmo obsessed! I have a million videos to get rid of when he's done!!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

OK, this may not be what youy want to hear...but...

Don't you think you should put as many trains as will fit in a rubbermaid shoe size box and save them for your Grandbabies? I am not a saver at all, but the wooden trains I felt like were one of the few toys I'd keep. I plan to dtich the buildings the track, etc, but keep the trains.

Is that crazy?