Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Consignment Sales instead?

My friend came over and said, "Mad about Plaid Girl, are you crazy? You don't want to garage sale this stuff. You want to do a consignment sale. This is good stuff. You'll have to give it away at a garage sale."

So, I went through all my crap and took out the good stuff, then looked up the consignment sales for my area. I'll have to drive an hour, but hey, it will be worth it. I've already started to get the Thomas Take Along stuff together and organize it into little bags to sell. So exciting. There's one in September, so that will be my first. I think I'm more excited about the purchasing part than the selling part. I'll probably buy as much as I sell! :)

So, Thomas and cute boy and girl clothes and shoes are being put in Rubbermaid tubs for the Fall Event!

I'm not really looking forward to the garage sale....seeing all my stuff go for cheap, but I have a lot of stuff that my parents sent this way so hopefully I'll make a buck or two off of their stuff. Plus with Tropical Storm Fay coming we might not even have it at all!

Have you guys done the Consignment Sale? Not the consignment shops, but a huge warehouse deal where it's done within a week and over.

And Clemsongirl, I didn't get rid of all Thomas..I kept all the Thomas wooden track and all the wooden trains (enough for a huge Rubbermaid full). I couldn't get rid of it all.........will have it for the grandkids and my son when he is a real-live grown up (imagine that!). I'm too sentimental to get rid of it all, but I did get rid of all the Take Along. At least I have it boxed up for now to go....


Randall said...

I'll certainly agree with consigning. I have a great place in my hometown that I take all my clothes to. I make far more money ther (just dropping it off!) than I would at a garage sale or eBay.

Good luck, I think you'll like it!

KK said...

I've never done a consignment sale, but I have a friend who does it and makes good money off her kids clothes! I say do it or else you will have to practically give it away at a garage sale. You know garage salers want a deal!