Monday, August 4, 2008


What do you know about it? I ended up online at their site and they have some CUTE CUTE stuff! I am wondering if it is good quality because it is very affordable and I might need to invest in some neat stuff for my kids' rooms.

I don't mean to be high maintenance and demand so much from my blog friends, but let me know (again!!!) what you know about Ikea brand stuff. There is a children's rug there I love!!!!!


Preppy Mama said...

For kids I think it is great. My son can destroy things and so far the stuff is still in tact. When we moved into the big boy bed I redid his room I have the "numbers" duvet and even bought their comforter which is fine. I did buy a blue and white striped rug which is really nice quality and super cheap. I like their stuff.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IKEA! We Sweet Fireman and I got married we took our gift money and went shopping. We got...a Queen size wrought iron bed, a computer armoir, chest of drawers, a console thingie for the TV and some curtains, rods and what nots. We went back last Christmas and purchased a tall boy kitchen table...yes, I am still looking for TALL CHAIRS to go with said table. But the table was only $50 and is exactly what I was looking for.
I say SHOP AT IKEA!!! But if you decide to go to the one in Atlanta, go during the week. Weekends are NUTS!

Slacker Mama said...

I grew up with of the first US stores was within a few miles of my house. The quality is pretty good in comparison to their prices -- as long as you aren't expecting heirloom pieces they are worth it.

E's room has an Ikea dresser and bookcase which have both held up well. A's room has a bookcase that I bought for my dorm room in college -- it's one of those things that just won't die.

I would definitely shop in person, not online. Some of the stuff is really nice and some of it is...well...obvious that you put it together yourself.

Oh! And they have really great plastic cutlery for kids (forks that can actually puncture food but not hurt kids) and their $2.99 step stools are fantastic!

Robyn said...

Hey K!
Ummm, yes you should LOVE IKEA. YOu really need to go to the store (there's one in Atlanta) is fantastic and will take you (no joke) ALL DAY to go through. Not to worry,though....they have an AMAZINGLY fun childcare center and a full on restaurant upstairs. I mean a restaurant where they serve the kids meals with kid sized plates/utensils and a baby station where you can warm up bottles, grab a bib, etc.
I swear it is heaven on earth.
The prices are TO DIE FOR.
When M & I got married years ago we bought several items of furny. They are solid wood but you have to build it all yourself. Over the years we have gotten rid of a lot of it, but I still have a great desk and sofa table. We have a lot of accessory style stuff from there too. The only bad thing I can say about IKEA is that they will KILL you on shipping prices. I bought 4 armchairs w/slipcovers for our library (at $119 each!)and the shipping was as much as the chairs -$800 in shipping?!?!?! Thankfully they made a big mistake on the order and ended up waiving my shipping fee (yippee!). But I would say if you are going to get anything of major size, go to the store and get it. We ordered lounge sofas for a wedding reception and it was actually cheaper to rent a U-Haul and go up and get them than to ship them.

Mom on the Run said...

IKEA in Atlanta will be crazy for about the next month or so--it's right by GT.

We bought a futon for the dorm room there, but we'll be getting a dresser for sure and possibly a bed as soon as J1 moves into her apt. which just happens to be down the street from there.

tulipmom said...

I was first introduced to IKEA when shopping for stuff for my college dorm (summer 1989).

More recently, we've bought some excellent pieces of furniture for our playroom.

Is it excellent quality? No. But good enough for kids? Absolutely!

Let us know what you choose.

palmettopink said...

I LOVE IKEA!!! I have to agree with everyone else's comments - YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE!!!! The (swedish) meatballs are to die for! LOL I bought a book case, the large set of "cubbie" shelves and a computer desk for my classroom when I went back to teaching 2 years ago, and they have held up well. Can't wait to hear what you choose--plan to stay HOURS!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Hell-ooo! They have CHILD CARE! Come on, let's go!

Set the date and I'll meet you there! Just not on the weekend, it's CRAZY!!!!


Cas said...

I grew up with IKEA also. It is hit or miss. Large scale items can be great but some can be really cheap. A personal shopping trip should be required. I can say through the years it has become much more appealing to the masses. It was really known as the place to buy starter furniture for years.

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

Have to say I love IKEA, but like everyone else suggests, you must go in person (their shipping charges are super pricey) You will likely spend hours roaming around...they have little rooms set up to show you how to make the most out of 350 sq feet or 600 or 1100.

I haven't had a problem with any of the quality. In fact, we got a bookcase for the kids playroom....and we got our whole dining room set there (right, it isn't heirloom, but the 8 chairs, table and buffet with additional washable seat covers was about $1100....which means I won't be forced to sell my children on Ebay if they they jam their forks into the table top.), buy..have fun!

Danielle at

KSK said...

Ikea is ideal for kids, dorm rooms and basements! I love the design and the quality is just good enough for those uses. In fact, my friend did her entire beach cabin with Ikea - it looks great and functions well.