Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day O' Pre-K

(Did you get that the title can be a rhyme?)

It's been too long since I've blogged. My parents have been here and we have been busy! Big Brother started school yesterday, first day of Prekindergarten. I used to teach pre-k in the exact same room where he is going, so it is a little bittersweet to see him in there. I taught part-time preK and put him in the 2 year old room at the little church preschool where he attends. He has been great. I'm waiting for the meltdown, possibly this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon due to Mamaw/Papaw time and late bedtimes.

I will post a pic when I download them. I got his hair cut and it is TOO short! I didn't realize how short she would cut it and how different he looks with it cut! I'm glad it will grow back, and quickly.

Big Brother also got a V-Tech Cyberpocket game. It is like the Leapster I guess. He has been asking for the Wall-E video game for a while and since the poor boy's birthday is 2 days after Christmas, it is hard to wait! I've decided to institute the 1/2 birthday next summer. It's really hard when your birthday and Christmas are 2 days apart! LAME!

That's all I've got for you today so far. Still addicted to Facebook, but specifically to this Word Challenge game. It is SO cool! And it challenges my brain. And I hold the higher score and beat my husband. That is what is most important. He is the most competitive person I know, so this victory feels great. Ya Know?

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

My littlest one starts her little preschool day after Labor Day. On pins and needles wondering how it will all work out. Twice a week for 5 hours! Yikes.

I just did a post that you'll appreciate. :)