Sunday, August 3, 2008

Disney, Anyone? Bueller?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but we might might might be taking Big Brother on his first trip to Disney World! I really really want to take him now. I think 4 1/2 is a great age and he will do great. Even if he isn't up for the scary rides, he will love the shows and everything else Disney has to offer.

Hubby is a little more skeptical than me. He thinks we can wait a few more years, which of course we could. But I don't want to (foot stomping, arms crossed, lips pouty)! We are also talking about a man who has never been to Disney. Yes, I repeat, the Hubby has never been to Disney. No, not even as a child. Can you believe it? And yes, he was raised in the South, driving distance from Disney. He doesn't even know what he is missing and I'm sure he thinks I'm hyping it up. But, I truly believe I can. I think they can stand up to the reputation I have built. Disney is incredible. Of course this is also coming from a former First Grade teacher, but STILL!!!

We found out that some friends of his (and mine now, too) are taking their daughter there when we were possibly looking in to doing some type of vacation. So, I think that is helping my cause.

Hubby was leaning toward camping because that is what Big Brother wants to do. But Big Brother doesn't even know that this wonderland called Disney exists.

So patiently I wait and see what happens.

I want advice on what to do, what not to do, where to stay, where not to stay, etc. I know there is an information highway of mommies out there (and Disney lovers in general) who can help me out. Let me know what you think. I need hot tips from the inside...not that we're for-sure going or anything, right?


Jules said...

hey! I can help. I have been going every year at least since I was a baby...and since I was 13 when my dad married someone who WORKS at Disney, I have gone at least twice a yr...

email me and I will send you a TIPS email I have saved for when friends need advice...I will just forward it to you. :)

Randall said...

I live in Florida so I'm spoiled on the Disney front... I've been there a million times. But it is always so much fun to go with a child!

I'm not sure the name but there is a message board/site all about Disney trips with tips and advice. Try Googling it or maybe it will pop up in these commments. I've heard it is very helpful.

Anonymous said...
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Mom on the Run said...

There are Disney boards on ivillage, too.

We have 4 kids so we always stay at Embassy Suites in Lake Buena Vista near Downtown Disney. Free huge breakfast, free happy hour, good pool, lots of washers and dryers (we went twice four years in a row for baseball tournaments at Wide World of Sports), microwave and refrigerator, living area and bedroom, free shuttle to WDW that runs all hours of the day, close to grocery store and other non WDW restaurants.

With 6 people, we couldn't stay at any of the Disney resorts except the Grand Floridian. This was always a great alternative for the price and very easy.

That's about all the advice I have, my kids were a lot older when we went (5,7,10 & 12 the first time).

Robyn said...

we stay at the Ft. Wilderness cabins and my girls LOVE it. It is the most affordable way to stay on property but it is fantastic. You get these amazingly cute fully-stocked cabins (except for food, of course!). There is only one bedroom, but it has a set of bunkbeds plus a queen bed. For us it worked great...we put all 3 girls in the room. Out in the living room is a queen sized Murphy Bed (looks like the wall but pulls down for a bed). We slept on that...very comfy and separate from the kiddos. You can reserve a golf cart ahead of time which makes it easy to get around. There are 2 pools, fishing, campfire singalongs/movies/marshmallow roasting w/ the characters every night (all free). We LOVE it. You take the ferry boat to the park. It was great because we could go in the a.m., spend a few hours, take the boat back for lunch/naptime at the cabin, take a swim, go back to the park later in the day (when its cooler) for more rides and fireworks!
You can also camp at Ft. Wilderness (they have a full service campground) so maybe that is a good way to convince J. that it is the best of both worlds - camping AT Disneyworld!! :)