Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tonsil D-r-a-m-a

I have been neglectful in my posting and mentally and emotionally I have suffered for it (read: minor breakdown for the plaid girl). Daddy was out of town for 2 weeks, one of which I was at my parents house. The second week I was home, which was when Big Brother got sick, again.

I thought I had caught it quick enough this time, but nope. He complained of head hurting (which is new) this time and then a fever followed several hours later. This was Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning we were at drs. office to get a Strep test. He tested positive. We started antibiotics that day and he fevered until MONDAY! WTH? We're talking 6 days of fevering!!!

Another thing that accompanies his Strep is the fact that his tonsils swell. I don't mean swell some, I mean the tonsils that are on the sides of his mouth (not just on his tongue), swell BIG. The best way to describe it is that he sounds like he has balls of cotton in his throat. He is hard to understand when he speaks. This happened AFTER 2 days of Amoxicillin. It really scares me because this has happened previously. I didn't start to count from the first time it happened, but I do know that it happened this past October, then at the end of May (you can read about it here) , and then now.

The last couple of times they gave him Orapred, a steroid, and that helped his tonsils to come back down to regular size. So, keep up with me--we went to Dr on Thursday, immediately started meds, then by Sunday his tonsils swelled up even more and we were back at Dr. on Monday. Dr. checked his spleen and throat and then tested him for Mono. After blood drawing (which was d-r-a-m-a), he tested negative for Mono. I mentioned the steroid and he was quite hesitant to give it to me.

It's not like I'm a freaking druggie. My kid's tonsils are blocking his airway, Dr. Asshat, help us out. The Dr. said it was time to get an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.) to look at him and he contacted the ENT who said it was fine to give my son the steroid. My son's tonsils on a scale of 1-4 were a 3 ! I know that the very first time he had all this (we were seeing a different dr), the doc sent us immediately for xrays and blood work b/c his tonsils were a 4! And I did mention to Dr. Asshat that I think it was HIS OFFICE that prescribed me the steroid previously.

He also said that the Amoxicillin would cure the Strep but if it was something else that was viral that this could last for weeks. I thought that maybe if he prescribed a stronger antibiotic that it would help because he fevered for so much longer this time? What do you think?

And his tonsils aren't big normally. They checked that when he went for a well check.

Then the dr. made a few comments about how he doesn't just give out drugs...I explained that we aren't expecting that, that we just want him to breathe better and he's been struggling since FRIDAY......helllloooooo????

I SOOOOO want to get outta this freaking town and get closer to Atlanta so that I can have more options as to doctors and ENT's to choose from. I am considering taking him to Children's Hospital in Atlanta if we can get there soon enough. I realize that it is just getting your tonsils out, but I'd like to have a few opinions before we do this. I'm not crazy about putting him in the hospital in this town. I delivered Miss Bug here and the hospital did make some mistakes (that will have to be another story).

We did lower our house price again to try to motivate a get us outta here.

My question to you is....what is your experience with Strep/Tonsillitis/getting tonsils out, etc? Have you had to do it? Have your children had them removed? What was your experience?


Lipstick said...

Poor Big Brother!

Randall said...

Never had any experience with it but it sure does sound awful. I hope he is on his way to feeling better soon.

Slacker Mama said...

That sounds awful. Especially since your doctor is such a boob.

My sis actually got her tonsils removed when she was 19 or something after recurrent strep throat...and it made an immediate world of difference.

Good luck and I hope Big Brother feels better!

tulipmom said...

No experience with tonsils ... although SB did have tubes in/adenoids out a little over a year ago.

Hope Big Brother is feeling better.

And good luck with your house.

Shandra said...

Found your blog thanks to my big sis, Robyn. :) Love it! U crack me up!

My daughter had her tonsils and adnoids out when she was 7 (in first grade). She was in pain, won't lie, but she is almost 10 now and I am soooo glad we did it. She is less sick now, sleeps better, and isn't on antibiotics every few weeks like before. My it. She was sick/yucky for a few days after-but was back to school in a week and feeling GREAT.

Good luck! Great blog!! :)

The Lawyer's Wife said...

We have had two sets removed (both boys) and it was WELL worth it!!! It was two sheer weeks of HELL but I would do it all over again for the results. They are so healthy that I literally forgot to take one of the them to the doctor for his yearly check up. We never go to the dr for sick visits anymore and I plum forgot!

Highly recommend it ...

momof2boys said...

My son's tonsils touched each other when he was admitted to hospital with tonsillitis (most of this drama I have shared with you in person). I agree with all the others.... do it... you will not regret it. Brady is so so much better now with them gone.