Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Time for Christmas TV Shows!!!

It's not that I'm all of the sudden highly addicted to TV, but I did have some time while on vacation to do some magazine perusing as well and I found something I wanted to share with you.

In case you haven't already heard, ABC Family is having their Countdown to Christmas and they are having 25 days of shows about the season you can watch as a family. It actually started in November, so if you are reading this today, you can watch some cool shows today, too. Right now my son and I are watching Snoopy Come Home. How cute and innocent is Charlie Brown I tell you?

If you are interested in the schedule of shows, click here. Some of the shows they will be airing are: Dr. Seuss shows, Cars, Polar Express, Garfield Christmas, Harry Potter series, Mickey Mouse Christmas, Rudolph, Incredibles, etc. Check it out. Seems like a pretty good set-up to me. I've got some Dr. Seuss show auto-tuned for tomorrow night's bedtime show. If you have DVR, then get crazy and tape them all !

I'm beginning to get excited about Christmas. Big Brother is turning 5 this month, and I think this will be the most magical Christmas so far! It's so awesome to see the awe of CHRIST-mas in the eyes of a child. Now if I can just get Daddy to get the lights up before it's over...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raising the Bar

A new show on TNT (at least new to me?!). My mother DVR'ed all 10 episodes. (And yes, my mother has DVR and we don't. I'm not ready to talk about it yet.)
So guess what we did over Thanksgiving break? Yep, all 10 in 2 days. It was a Raising the Bar marathon!
If you've not seen this show, you must try when the new season comes out! It is really, really good! I'm not much of a Law & Order girl or anything like that, I pretty much have only committed to Grey's Anatomy. It's all I have time for, but this one, it's worth letting the load of laundry remain in the dryer and eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. It's that good. I'm not even sure what time it comes on, though I think it's around 9PM on Monday nights? Check it out here.
And do you recognize the guy in the picture above? Check out the one below ...does that help? It's our friend Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. Come on, you remember Zack, right? Did you have a crush on him? I did not, but you can admit it if you did. He was a cutie pie, my type isn't blondes normally --unless you are Matthew McConnaughey.Here he is in the show:

And he's really good. It's your typical law show I guess...Public Defenders and District Attorneys. It is really good. It has some other people you'd recognize in it too--like the mother from Malcolm in the Middle and a lady from ER. I'd link you to them, but I'm too lazy. (Am back in the car driving home from Tgiving with family.)

So, is this old news and I'm just not with-it again? These offspring of mine get in the way when trying too keep up-to-date with the latest on anything....unless it's an episode from Noggin or Disney!

I'm not really okay with his hair. I can appreciate long hair on guys when it looks good, but on him........ewwwwwwwww. I just can't get into it. He is so much cuter with shorter hair. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MIL drama continued

Ladies, I don't really know where or how to start this one. I'll probably have to get more in-depth when I have a longer amount of time to tell you everything. I'll try to give it to you in a nutshell:

Inlaws said they wanted to come for Hubby's 40th birthday and Christmas. We said that was fine. We told them that we would have an agreed-upon agenda. They sent 'fluff' email stating that they wanted to 'make memories, sing Christmas carols around the piano and just enjoy 'being' together'. (I swear, this was verbatim...who are we Norman Rockwell?) Well that is what we thought we had been doing for the last several visits.

But after we received the email that they felt like we used them, we decided to take a different route. We set an agenda of what we could do and they said that we sounded militaristic and couldn't move on. The words they used were ones that we were 'cold & unwelcoming'. So, we told them that we weren't being cold, we were just trying to make a plan because we wanted to make sure that no one felt used. They responded with a 'until you can move on and not move backward, thank you but NO THANK YOU'. Those are exact words. We replied stating that we were not moving backward, but rather feeling like we were at a stand-still because we needed answers to these questions and that we couldn't move on until we knew exactly what we did so that we can make it right.

So, that is it. How sad that they have to be so controlling and struggle for power all the time. I feel very badly for my husband most of all. I can't imagine growing up in such a conditional-love atmosphere. He is such a good man and I consider him one of my many blessings to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And, hubby, when you read this, know how much I love you sweetie, and am so proud of who you are!

I will fill you in if anything else happens!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods... Mamaw and Papaw's house we go. We are in the car as I type. I'm sitting in the back, in the middle between both children. Miss Bug is alternating between complaining ("naaaaanaaaahhhh") while Big Brother sings the Transformers song as the show begins. I tell you, you are missing some goooooooooood times here in the Mad About Plaid Mobile. Good times.

Miss Bug just isn't much into TV. We got her a portable DVD for just her and she is back here acting like we are slowly torturing her to her little bitty death. Big Brother has asked 33 times if we are there yet. We've only been in the car for 2 hours. We have 5 1/2 more to go.

And the hits just keep on coming! Does this sound familiar to anyone else? :)

Are we theeeerrreeee yet? Can you say ben-a-dryl?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bakugan Brawlers!

My son is wanting THESE!!!! Are you familiar? Are you all too familiar? These are the hot item this Christmas. My son wants them...specific ones too. I've tried all over--Target, Wal-Mart, ToysRUs, Amazon, Ebay, etc. & they are sold out. I mean 100% out of stock! I can't believe it! He's been into these for a while and I remember being able to just pick one up at Target, and now they are selling on Ebay for twice the price! If I'd have only known! I could be making a killing off of Bakugans!

Here is THE one....Serpenoid. You seen it? You have it? Want to sell it to me? :)
These are little balls that when placed on their special magnetic baseball-type card, pop out into these beings. There's a game to it, but he doesn't know anything about that. He just likes these little things. (And his sister LOVES putting them right into her mouth!) They are the size of a large gumball. Or you can get the 2 inch ones, but he doesn't want those.

This is Centoipod (or something like that). He wants that one too. So, I'm off to rummage through the stores again. I keep telling myself I'm not going to give in to Ebay and buy it.

I can't believe I'm old enough to
#1. not want that 'hot' item from Santa, and
#2. have a child old enough to want that 'hot' item!

It's crazy! It's on his list to Santa, and Santa can do anything, right?

Monday, November 17, 2008

In Search Of...

...the ultimate eye make-up removing solution.


I am using Neutrogena, but am having to use a lot of it and rub pretty hard. I don't wear a lot of make-up either. At least I don't think I do?! I am using Mary Kay mascara. Thanks!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting geared up for a full week ahead...

Wow--it's already Sunday and Daddy is going out of town again this week. This is the third week in a row. It is hard. He's been out of town Mon. through Wed. of every week since I started my job, and that has been a bit of juggling on my part! Yes, I wanted the job, but the starting of it has been hard with no help. I have had my parents here--well, staying in a condo on St. Simons Island-for a week and that has helped. If only they'd just take both my children and let me sit and drink coffee and veg for several hours a day, I'd be great.

These kids are exhausting. Is it just me or are one-year-olds completely exhausting? Miss Bug isn't walking yet, but she gets into everything! I can't take my eyes off of her for a minute because if I do she's at the dog bowl playing in the water or trying to unplug something or looking for an open electrical outlet. Big Brother was nothing like this. And I mean nothing. He just hung out and watched The Weather Channel. Seriously. I guess he didn't know there was anything else to do. I think Miss Bug is a combination of trying to do everything her big brother does, and also is just a busier kid. I' It's killing me. I am looking forward to my 1/2 day of work tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is work. Tuesday is nada (but I'm sure it will turn into something). Wed is Big Brother's Thanksgiving Feast at school and I'm supposed to work. Thursday I think my parents are going to take the kids to FL to see their great-grandma. That will be good. They will be gone practically all day. I can handle that. I'll go in and work a few hours. Friday Miss Bug is back to the babysitter for a 1/2 day. Yeeeesss! I feel a little guilty for saying that, but I do need a break. I keep trying to be this stay-at-home-mom/Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart Wannabe and it's really not 100% me. Being a stay-at-home mom is so hard and so challenging. I need the break. I need to use the rest of my brain!

And just so you know--I had been really stressing about my work and making sure I got my hours done and really trying to just be a workhorse. Then I got my paycheck. And let's just say that it made me put everything into perspective. I'm working for my church. I know part of it is the 'service' for the Lord, and I'm good with that. But I"m also remembering to be of 'service' to my family and not worry so much about making sure I get every little thing done. Baby steps. I'll get my groove soon. Just takes some time.

Hope you guys have a great week!

I'm rambling. I'm sorry. It's what I do when I'm tired.

Friday, November 14, 2008

So Much To Say, So Much To Say....

Title is from a Dave Matthew's song. Which one? I don't remember-unless that is the title already! :)

OK. Here is a serious update. Get something to drink because if I get to tell you all that I want and need to, you'll get thirsty and/or hungry!

First things first:

Psychologist--hmmmmm, how do I make this short? She was an older lady, grey-ish hair, frumpy, etc, which was all fine until she started to pick her ear with her fingernail. She continued to do this until our session ended whereby I found myself staring at the white crumbly deposits left on her black lapel. Needless to say, I was a little distracted. To top it off, while I was rescheduling for my next appointment, she says to me, "My ear is really itching" and then took her fingernail and swiped it around her ear and then flicked it off. EWWWWWW! I just couldn't go back. It took all that was within me not to say anything. I wonder if she noticed how I was just staring at her with my mouth gaping open?

That's my psychology appointment. I did learn (while not watching ear crumbs fall) that this situation with my MIL is not my fault. I did nothing wrong. I will have to realize that this is her problem. Not mine. And that it will never go away. I just have to learn how to deal with it. I basically already knew this, but hearing it from a professional is just what I needed. Now I have to find one that has clean ears. I have another appointment in December. Stay tuned.

Ok. Next on the list. Big Brother has been coughing since having his tonsils and adenoids removed mid-October. The ENT thought it was mucus, etc. from his adenoids. Then when it continued, he put him in Singulair. This did nothing. We have been through a week of Singulair and a full bottle of Delsym and 2 boxes of Mucinex. My next purchase was Zyrtec. This didn't help either. Made an appointment with Pediatrician. Big Brother has Respiratory Airway Disease, or something like that. His Bronchial System is in bad shape. They put him on a Nebulizer, and doing breathing treatments for 3 times a day. 3 TIMES A DAY!!! He's on that thing like 20 minutes at a time. They put him on Pulmacort and Xenopex or something like that. One takes care of the 'immediate' situations and one is for 'maintenance'. Big Brother was less than enthusiastic to breathe through a mask. They even found a cute fishy one. He wasn't having it. I go to hold the tube in front of his face while he took in the meds.

We just did another one. He did better and let Daddy put on the mask. We had to go and get a Nebulizer at the hospital too. Man, this must happen to so many kids. These Nebulizer people are making bundles! He had so many to choose from--a penguin, a cow, a yellow taxi, etc., and the one he picked was Legos. You build with Legos on the dang thing. Of course he'd find one that has toys to go with it. I told him those are his Breathing Treatment Legos and he can only play with them when he is doing his breathing treatments. So far, so good. We'll see. He's way into the Legos.

Miss Bug has some sort of virus which means she has a fever and can't go to school which means I can't go to work! This also means that she is up at least half the damn night crying and yelling at me! I swear, to be so young she is the boss of this house! I think she was more pissed off than anything. She was up at 11, 3 and then up for the morning at 5am. When I tried to rock her and give her some milk with the intent to put her back in her bed, she did the whole back-arching thing and roaring at me. I got very close to setting her little booty back in her crib, turning on her aquarium and l.e.a.v.i.n.g.

I tried to remember that she feels bad, but it is really hard when you have a small child screaming bloody murder right in your ear and Big Brother is right down the hall! Man o man, what a freaking day. What a week, really!

She went to the Dr. yesterday (yes, we are just making it a daily trip these days...) and he said she had an irritated throat. Checked for strep (Oh Dear God, please don't make me go through this again). It was negative. So, it's viral. Don't send her to babysitter. Don't go to work. He did prescribe her Paregoric for her. She is getting at least 4 teeth--2 of them are molars. And you know that's gotta hurt. Anyone else have any experience with Paregoric?

Ok. Now to the good stuff. I started a job part time at our church. It is Methodist-based, and SOOOOOOOOO cool. I am the Administrative Assistant to the person in charge of Family Ministry. She is the interim Children's Minister right now. My job is a bunch of different things, from filing and paperwork to making brochures and media-type stuff for the Children's Ministry. I really like it. It is part time-20 hours a week and I can work from home quite a bit. I do go in 3 days a week and then on Sunday. I really like it. It is a learning experience and I enjoy the creative outlet...not to mention the fact that I get a break from my beautiful children.

That's all for now. I have a home sales party to go to--which means free desserts and cool things to buy!

Any of you deal with breathing treatments? Dr. is saying not to call it allergies or asthma that it may just be a reaction to some type of virus or Bronchitis that he could've even caught while in the hospital getting his tonsils out! My poor boy has been sick for over a month though!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give & Get Friends and Family Event

Ok Guys....This is a discount for The Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Store, and Old Navy!

I couldn't print it out correctly but if you go to the 'click here' part, you will see. It is a code/coupon for 30% off. You can print it up and use it.

It's a Give and Get Program and I got it via email. ( I have a Gap Card and that is probably why.) It said to share it with friends, so here you are.

We'll donate 5% of the amount you spend to a nonprofit.Having trouble seeing the In-Store Barcode at the bottom of this email? Click here.

We'd like to offer you 30% off¹ during our best-ever friends and family event. We're calling it Give & Get, because for every purchase you make from November 13-16, we give 5% of the amount you spend to your favorite nonprofit. Plus, as one of our best customers, you'll not only enjoy 30% off, you'll also get to share this discount with your friends and family. 5% of the amount they spend goes to your nonprofit too! During our August Give & Get event, we donated $1.3 million. So share the love with as many people as you like. And don't forget to pick your nonprofit.

The code below is for online shopping. The in-store barcode will show if you click on the above link.


Certain restrictions apply¹. See below or ask a sales associate for details

All the words in green are what I was able to copy & paste from my email. You *might* have to have a GAP or Old Navy card to do this , but I don't know. Just thought I'd give you a head's up.

So go shopping!!! I will be :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gone but not Forgotten

I'm sorry I have been GONE,
But I have not FORGOTTEN...

#1. I need to tell you about my new part time job. I will!
#2. I need to tell you about the psychologist I saw today....and that's a s-t-o-r-y. I won't be going back. It wasn't horrible or anything, she's just 'not my cup of tea' I guess you could say. You will CRACK UP at the upcoming post.
#3. My Internet was down pretty much all day b/c our router is out. It has been a night-freaking-mare. This girl can't do without her Internet.
#4. I ate 5 cookies in one setting--not small cookies.
#5. With Milk--skim, that is. Each calorie counts I say!
#6. I think my son might have bummed. Have appt. this Friday.

So, I will update soon. Hopefully tomorrow if Miss Bug will let me! I can't believe how a 1 year old can rule your world! Can you say high maintenance??? That's what she is!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Biker Love....

And I don't mean motorcycles. Nothing against them, I am just talking about the cycling kind of bikes.

Clemsongirl posted about the traffic in Atlanta on her way home the other night and mentioned that some cyclists were on the road and she was frustrated and just wanted to get home and put on some comfy pjs! Many of you guys, my fellow bloggy friends, made some rather harsh comments about cyclists. My husband came across Clemsongirl's post and was floored by the comments. He was saying, "And several of your 'followers' were on there going off!" So, I ask, why the hate ladies? Where is the love?

Here is my love. This is my husband after a 120 miles bike race called the Triple Bypass--held each year in the mountains of Colorado. His Bike = His Sanity

My husband is an avid cyclist (to say the very least) and this Plaid family knows all about cycling rules, regulations, their rights to ride just like everyone else on the road, etc. He even has some plaid-ish type socks (ok, argyle) courtesy of his wife. Although I do understand that it can be frustrating when you come across cyclists on the road (or anything for that matter--children, dogs, runners, etc.) but somebody's life is worth more than the 15 seconds you are delayed in traffic.
Someone even commented that cyclists should stay on trails or get their own bike lanes. Well, trust me when I tell you this--cyclists wish they could have their own lanes. My husband, as well as his friends, all ride in the bike lanes when there are some there. But there aren't many there. I, for one, would feel SOOOOOOOO much better if there were more bike lanes. I know my husband is taking his life into his own hands when he rides, and I pray practically every time he goes out. (He rides like 4-5 times a week--20 to 30 miles each time.) But that would mean paying more taxes, and nobody wants to that. So, the states put into place laws that give cyclists the same right to the roads as a motorized vehicle.

Please think about this the next time you see a cyclist. This is probably someone's husband/wife, dad/mom, son/daughter, etc. It is my husband, riding off his stress from work, his family ( me! HA), etc, all the while getting exercise and staying healthy for his family and himself.

This is my son, future cyclist. He has had a 'big boy bicycle' since he turned 2. He also has a helmet. We are teaching him the rules of the road. Education means knowledge and power and we want the next generation to have it all! This is one way of doing that.

Please think about this the next time you see a cyclist. Give them a thumbs up and move over a little or slow down for a few minutes! It will make you feel better and them, too! Now I'm going to hug my cyclists--big and little! Why don't you do the same?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just got a part-time job.

I start tomorrow.

It will be a toss-up as to who cries more when I drop Miss Bug off.
I know, I know. It's only 3 days a week for approximately 4 hours. We BOTH need it. But she is my babygirl.
The babysitter is wonderful. She watched Big Brother years ago for me. She is better and nicer than me. This is not my concern. Maybe it's me that has the problem? Hmmmmmmmm.

Funny Tuesday

Last night while lying in bed with Big Brother we had the following conversation:

Big Brother: I think my teeth are getting loose like Grace's.

Me: You do?

Big Brother: Yes, feel them.

I feel them.

Big Brother: You think they're going to fall down?

Me: I don't think they are going to fall down anytime soon. But one day they will.

Big Brother: And then big, huge teeth are going to live there.

Me: Yep.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Here we go again......

So, I don't really have to type much on this post per say. All I am going to do is do a cut&paste from my email. The first one is an update I sent out to family and friends (the orange part). The second part is my MIL's response (the green part). The third is my response to her email-orange again.

Hello everyone! A few updates:

-Thanks so much for the phone calls and birthday wishes on Facebook, etc...! I had a good day--including birthday song and cake from my family!

-Big Brother is almost well, seeing as how it has been OVER two weeks since his tonsil/adenoid surgery! He still has a cough. We are working on that. He still strains a little when he swallows, but the doctor gave us the OK to eat whatever he wants starting today. I'm sure when we pop some popcorn tonight for a snack he will be SOOO excited!

-Several of you have asked about my cousin, who was diagnosed with cancer. He is doing better. He has been going through rounds of chemo, still has his hair, and is keeping up with a positive attitude! I will see him over Thanksgiving. For those of you who have asked for his address, I will be sending it individually to your email.

-Here are some Halloween pictures. The kids did great and Miss Bug trick-or-treated as long as Big Brother did--the party animal that she is! Then she was OUT and Big Brother loved giving out the candy.

We hope you had a fun one..and would love to see pictures of you, too!
Love ,
Mad about Plaid Girl Family

Dear Mad About Plaid Girl,

Since you did not mention receiving cards or gifts through the mail, are you saying that you did not receive our birthday card and check? We sent it in plenty of time - along with Halloween cards for Big Brother and Miss Bug.

I don't know anything about Facebook.

Loved the pictures.


Yes, I received your cards. The one for me and the ones for the kids. Thank you very much. That was included in the 'well wishes on Facebook, etc' part. The kids liked their cards and John enjoyed playing with his--the cut-outs, etc. A thank-you for the money has already been mailed out.

Did you get any trick-or-treaters?

So would you like to decide for yourself on how I'm feeling? I tried to be cordial. I even asked if she got any trick-or-treaters! I'm still waiting for a response to that one.

She is upset because I didn't recognize/acknowledge HER. And they didn't call me on my birthday for the first time ever since Hubby and I have been married. I am well aware that she didn't call me. She is well aware of it, too. I have to admit, in all honesty, I didn't talk to them on either of their birthdays. Hubby called them. They are his parents for crying out loud. This is not uncommon. Sometimes I talk to them on their bdays. Sometimes I don't. I did make sure that presents and cards were sent and on time for each of their birthdays. And it was my handwriting on the cards or packages that were mailed out!

It is like everything has to be turned around to be about her. She wants recognition all the time, for everything. She didn't even give me a chance to say thank you to her yet. My bday was on the 30th. I got the cards on that day (so much for 'sending them in plenty of time' as her email states), and mailed out my thank-you promptly on the 31st.

SOOOO, in the last 48 hours, I've made some decisions:

#1. I'm not opening any of her emails for now. I can't take it. It puts me over the edge--cranky, uptight, pissed off, hurt. Hubby told me to forward them to him and then immediately delete them. I'm all over that. This was the ONLY email I've sent out since the blow-up in July and this is how she responds. I'd like to block her, but that would start another blow-up and I'm trying to be the bigger person.

#2. I will no longer email her updates. I am even going to have HIM send the pics if he wants her to have some.

#2. I've called a counselor. I'm seeking professional help. If I'm going to have to have her in my own home over Christmas (yes, you read it correctly) and my husband's 40th birthday, I've got to be prepared mentally and emotionally. I've talked to my friends until I am blue in the face. This usually works. It isn't working. I need someone who can arm me with the words and confidence and power to not let her upset me.

I feel pretty good about it. I can't get in until next week and when she said, "What is the nature of the situation you are needing to discuss?" I told her, "My MIL--she's about to drive me crazy." And she said, "Oh girl. They can do that to you." It was funny. I don't go until next week. I'm wondering if I can bring a cot in and just park myself there for a day or two to have some detox time. You think they'd let me? HA!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy... a list

#1. How 'bout them Gators? SO thrilled to have them whip up on GA and live here to talk some schmack about it...even if it happens to be at church on Sunday morning!

#2. Will post Halloween pics soon. We have had company in town......not much computer time.

#3. More Mother in Law crap. She is killing me. I swear I'm getting very close to going to get paid help to survive it! Will post that soon. Just not ready to revisit it yet.

#4. Got money for my birthday last week and I'm going shopping soon! WHEW HEW! I turned 36 on the 30th of October.

#5. I love you guys. I love reading my comments and how helpful and supportive you are. Just goes to show that when you have crappy mother in laws that there are so many other people out there who care about you and appreciate and love you for who you really are.