Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy... a list

#1. How 'bout them Gators? SO thrilled to have them whip up on GA and live here to talk some schmack about it...even if it happens to be at church on Sunday morning!

#2. Will post Halloween pics soon. We have had company in town......not much computer time.

#3. More Mother in Law crap. She is killing me. I swear I'm getting very close to going to get paid help to survive it! Will post that soon. Just not ready to revisit it yet.

#4. Got money for my birthday last week and I'm going shopping soon! WHEW HEW! I turned 36 on the 30th of October.

#5. I love you guys. I love reading my comments and how helpful and supportive you are. Just goes to show that when you have crappy mother in laws that there are so many other people out there who care about you and appreciate and love you for who you really are.


Elizabeth said...

Hey! I left you a little present on my blog.
BTW, I love your Halloween cartoon. And I love that your cat is out of the bag. I've deliberately tried NOT to write about the election, but it's been hard!

Randall said...

I was watching the game with Nick and thought of you and your "If you aren't a Gator, you're Gator bait" line - congrats on a great win!

Preppy 101 said...

Congrat to your Gators. Of course, my Vols lost again. So sad. Hey, could you tell me how it feels to win? I can't remember :)

Of course you have all your BF's to be on your side totally. And if anyone is not on your side - stop reading the blog, right? Have a great week! (will be looking for the mil update)

morewineplease said...

Happy late Birthday! And have fun shopping!!!!!

Mags said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Also, I have a MIL story I've been sitting on since my kids' birthday a month ago...I'm ticked!!! I'll get it out soon though. :)

Lipstick said...

Hey...sorry about more MIL drama, but just think-you've got money for some retail therapy! Happy Birthday!

Just Ask Beth said...

That MIL damn her!! Does she not see how beautiful your children are, she's just pissed off her son has a wonderful wife, friend in his life and she is not his number one anymore.. she needs to realize if she had any sense, no one replaces a Mother, but she should be Happy he is happy!!

Surf Girl said...

Yay for our Gators!!! And maybe we could ship your MIL and my SIL off to a distant country together. Yes??? Don't let her get you down and don't forget that many of us know exactly what you're going through. :)
Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!!!