Friday, November 14, 2008

So Much To Say, So Much To Say....

Title is from a Dave Matthew's song. Which one? I don't remember-unless that is the title already! :)

OK. Here is a serious update. Get something to drink because if I get to tell you all that I want and need to, you'll get thirsty and/or hungry!

First things first:

Psychologist--hmmmmm, how do I make this short? She was an older lady, grey-ish hair, frumpy, etc, which was all fine until she started to pick her ear with her fingernail. She continued to do this until our session ended whereby I found myself staring at the white crumbly deposits left on her black lapel. Needless to say, I was a little distracted. To top it off, while I was rescheduling for my next appointment, she says to me, "My ear is really itching" and then took her fingernail and swiped it around her ear and then flicked it off. EWWWWWW! I just couldn't go back. It took all that was within me not to say anything. I wonder if she noticed how I was just staring at her with my mouth gaping open?

That's my psychology appointment. I did learn (while not watching ear crumbs fall) that this situation with my MIL is not my fault. I did nothing wrong. I will have to realize that this is her problem. Not mine. And that it will never go away. I just have to learn how to deal with it. I basically already knew this, but hearing it from a professional is just what I needed. Now I have to find one that has clean ears. I have another appointment in December. Stay tuned.

Ok. Next on the list. Big Brother has been coughing since having his tonsils and adenoids removed mid-October. The ENT thought it was mucus, etc. from his adenoids. Then when it continued, he put him in Singulair. This did nothing. We have been through a week of Singulair and a full bottle of Delsym and 2 boxes of Mucinex. My next purchase was Zyrtec. This didn't help either. Made an appointment with Pediatrician. Big Brother has Respiratory Airway Disease, or something like that. His Bronchial System is in bad shape. They put him on a Nebulizer, and doing breathing treatments for 3 times a day. 3 TIMES A DAY!!! He's on that thing like 20 minutes at a time. They put him on Pulmacort and Xenopex or something like that. One takes care of the 'immediate' situations and one is for 'maintenance'. Big Brother was less than enthusiastic to breathe through a mask. They even found a cute fishy one. He wasn't having it. I go to hold the tube in front of his face while he took in the meds.

We just did another one. He did better and let Daddy put on the mask. We had to go and get a Nebulizer at the hospital too. Man, this must happen to so many kids. These Nebulizer people are making bundles! He had so many to choose from--a penguin, a cow, a yellow taxi, etc., and the one he picked was Legos. You build with Legos on the dang thing. Of course he'd find one that has toys to go with it. I told him those are his Breathing Treatment Legos and he can only play with them when he is doing his breathing treatments. So far, so good. We'll see. He's way into the Legos.

Miss Bug has some sort of virus which means she has a fever and can't go to school which means I can't go to work! This also means that she is up at least half the damn night crying and yelling at me! I swear, to be so young she is the boss of this house! I think she was more pissed off than anything. She was up at 11, 3 and then up for the morning at 5am. When I tried to rock her and give her some milk with the intent to put her back in her bed, she did the whole back-arching thing and roaring at me. I got very close to setting her little booty back in her crib, turning on her aquarium and l.e.a.v.i.n.g.

I tried to remember that she feels bad, but it is really hard when you have a small child screaming bloody murder right in your ear and Big Brother is right down the hall! Man o man, what a freaking day. What a week, really!

She went to the Dr. yesterday (yes, we are just making it a daily trip these days...) and he said she had an irritated throat. Checked for strep (Oh Dear God, please don't make me go through this again). It was negative. So, it's viral. Don't send her to babysitter. Don't go to work. He did prescribe her Paregoric for her. She is getting at least 4 teeth--2 of them are molars. And you know that's gotta hurt. Anyone else have any experience with Paregoric?

Ok. Now to the good stuff. I started a job part time at our church. It is Methodist-based, and SOOOOOOOOO cool. I am the Administrative Assistant to the person in charge of Family Ministry. She is the interim Children's Minister right now. My job is a bunch of different things, from filing and paperwork to making brochures and media-type stuff for the Children's Ministry. I really like it. It is part time-20 hours a week and I can work from home quite a bit. I do go in 3 days a week and then on Sunday. I really like it. It is a learning experience and I enjoy the creative outlet...not to mention the fact that I get a break from my beautiful children.

That's all for now. I have a home sales party to go to--which means free desserts and cool things to buy!

Any of you deal with breathing treatments? Dr. is saying not to call it allergies or asthma that it may just be a reaction to some type of virus or Bronchitis that he could've even caught while in the hospital getting his tonsils out! My poor boy has been sick for over a month though!


Preppy 101 said...

Bless your heart... honestly. And bless your little boy's heart, too. I do remember those days when I had little ones at home and the sickness would start and it seemed like an abyss of illness, trips to the dr. that we would never climb out of, but then they would just rebound and be fine! So, I hope both kids are feeling better soon. Glad you like your part time job! Pretty gross psychologist, but she did say 'it is not your fault'... but, honestly, we all knew that - The psych owes you $$$$ - :) Have a good weekend.

Preppy 101 said...

Oh, and I love how your daughter is running the show - as did mine... haha - her brother often referred to her as the princess :) Little girls are so different from their brothers!

Mom of One for Now said...

Those were my exact words too... "Bless your Heart". My son is on breathing treatments too. It is right up there with the worst things we have had to experience being parents. He is only two and just does not get it.
The itchy ear was not was I was expecting to hear about you Psych appt. Gross!
Have a great weekend! And Congrats on the new job. Sounds Great!

Mags said...

All 3 of my children were on breathing treatments in September/October. All 3 had bronchitis, and my son also had pneumonia. Argh!!! I don't know how we survived it, but we did. It seemed we were at the peds' office 2-3x per week for 6 weeks. They are all healthy now. I hope your children get better soon.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Ewwwww gross! When your psychologist asked you what was bothering you today, you could have said "Uh, that thing you're doing with your ears." And when she said the usual "How do you feel about that?" You: "Well, uh, I think you're disgusting."


We had all those breathing problems with my now 13 year old. Oooh the horrors.

P.S. I have a plaid post up for you now.

Lipstick said...

LOL about the psychologist's earwax obsession!!!

I'm so sorry that Big Brother and Miss Bug have been sick. :(

Congrats on the new job! I am impressed that you have been able to make time to blog about it!

Mom on the Run said...

We have a giant old nebulizer that must be at least 19 years old--all started with J2 and RAD, but we all use it occasionally when we have a cough. DOTR's ENT actually prescribed the last round of meds we have in the cupboard.

I know it's hard to image, but someday you'll walk in to your pediatrician's office so infrequently that you won't even know everybody who works there anymore (or all the doctors...seriously!) But I do so remember those days of the never ending creeping crud.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Orange juice helps. And vodka (for you, not them!)

Robyn said...

Hey girl. Just stopped by to check on ya and BOY IS THERE A LOT GOING ON WITH YOU!! First and foremost (although I desperately want to address the Ear Picker, that will have to wait a minute...).
Delanie was diagnosed w/ Reactive Airway Disease several years ago and was put on Advair. It worked like a miracle and she grew out of it after about a year or two (sorry, Mommy know how that goes!). She has never had a single problem since growing out of it, which is good since we weren't sure if she'd end up w/ asthma, etc. She's the fastest KID in the 4th grade on the Mile Run, so clearly the breathing thing is fine.
OK, as for Dr. Picks-a-lot...ewwww. Really wacky. You know she deals with some OCD peeps or germaphobes and other patients who would go ape-sh*t over that stuff! WEIRD.
Don't give up though. Proud of you for going for another appt. in Dec.

Surf Girl said...

We just got our second breathing treatment in a month last week at the doctor's. I don't know if Big Brother likes Star Wars, but we got Little Man to do it by telling him he looked like Darth Vader. He put it right on and kept saying, "Luke, I am your father". Completely cracked me up!
(hey - can we send your in-laws and my in-laws to some faraway place together???? Then they could bother each other!!)