Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm so sorry I've not been around! I've had several things on my mind to post about, but then reality sets in and I'm off to do something else. Lately, I'm a little 'twirly' my friend likes to call it. I guess it is hyper and stressed at the same time, possibly is the way to explain it? I have so much on my mind, the biggest being big brother's tonsil surgery on Monday. It is just weighing very heavily on my mind. For some reason I've just been overboard in letting us have fun and do stuff because I feel like he's going to be down and out for so long that I want to make it fun now.

I even gave in and just off-the-cuff bought him the Diego Halloween DVD at Target. I swear that place is like crack. It is so addicting. I could've just spent and spent and spent. Bought Miss Bug some cutie pie socks and found some cute shoes but not in her size. Will be buying them online thankyouverymuch. Then bought a light-up spiderweb for outside so we aren't lame-o's!!!

For some stupid idiotic reason I have decided to be into making the kids costumes this year. It is just easier that way. Big Brother wants to be Wall-E. In the catalog he's $54.99. I.don't. Now if only I can make a cardboard box not look like a cardboard box but like Wall-E, we are in shape!

Since we call Babygirl Miss Bug, I thought she'd be DARLING as a ladybug! She's just little and it's so freaking HOT here that I can't buy her costume. I don't want her throwing a fit, pulling at her clothes and burning up. Would not make a pretty picture.

So what does my dumb a$$ do? I go to JO-Anns. I find the ladybug pattern. I go to the correct bin to purchase it. Nope, not there. I call my mother, panting, hyperventilating. Sewing IS NOT NOT NOT my thing. It scares me to death. I can't draw a straight line with a freaking ruler, so please don't put me behind a needle for heaven's sakes. I tell my mother that this place is freaking me out. She says no worries that she'll bring her sewing machine and we'll do something simple. I'm all about simple. I've got a red onesie, black material, a head band, etc. I'm on it. Miss Bug is only going to be 1 year old for crying outloud. This means she'll go to maybe maybe half a dozen houses..probably just my friends/neighbors, and then she's done. finished. over. it.

So here I am rambling again. I guess I needed to let all this out.

My parents are coming over the weekend to help out with Big Brother's surgery. He has no clue. I think it's best that way, but it is weighing heavily on my heart. Poor little guy. He has no freaking clue. Hubby and I have decided he 'works' better that way. He's such a trooper. I told my mom that she has to be the strong and rational one during surgery. I told her I'm the one allowed to be twirly, she's not. She has to be the strong, he's-just-fine-I-promise person. This is Daddy. He is the stable one. He is the calm one.He is the easy-going one. He's the one going to be out of town. We knew this when we planned it, but I am coming to regret it a little. I know we'll be fine. It's just that he's my rock. He really is...always makes everything okay. But he has to travel that week. And so we asked my parents. My mother is WONDERFUL with my son. They ADORE each other. He likes her better than me! :) I guess that's what Grandma's are supposed to be for, right?

And Miss Bug's birthday is October 18th so you know I found the perfect's not a big party. But the invites must be as stinking cute as she is, you know? I'll post them soon, I promise. Must get camera ready, etc.

Ok. Have to finish the cupcakes I baked for Big Brother's class because they learned about the letter 'c' this week. And am putting candycorns on the top.......another 'c' word. So clever I am!
And then must watch debates..........which is a whole new post, if you know what I mean!


Randall said...

I'll certainly be thinking of him during the surgery... understandble to be concerned but just take a deep breath and have a cup of tea (as my grandmother always says!).

Oh, and I have to be very careful at Target and Jo-Anns... otherwise I come home with too many extra hair products to try and scrapbooking supplies!

Surf Girl said...

I didn't see the light up spiderweb! I must get it!! My little one and I spent an hour just in the Halloween section of Target last weekend. (It's almost embarrassing how long we stayed in Target that day!)
I'm so glad your mom will be there with you for his surgery. It sounds like she will be a comfort to both of you. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. :)

kmm0305 said...

We are thinking of you today with surgery--try not to stress too much! As a seasoned surgery mom, everything will be okay. Best of luck with the recovery--I had my tonsils out around age 5 or 6 and still remember being able to eat all the banana flavored popcicles I wanted. :)

I am also a "homemade" costume type mom who recruits Grandma or SIL to make costumes. So far we've made Yoda, a cowgirl, a cow, a vet, and a cat. I broke down and bought Leah's costume this year and am still trying to think of something for Emma who wants to be Spiderman (mom doesn't want her to be Spiderman even though we have the costume on hand). I can sew and do own a sewing machine, but I leave the hard stuff to the professionals.