Thursday, October 16, 2008

T & A

Did your mind go straight to the gutter when you read my title? If so, get your head out' the gutter! It means Tonsils & Adenoids....removed, that is, from Big Brother. After 10 days of antibiotics, he was finally well enough to get this surgery over with.

And today was the big day.

He did great! He came out fairly upset but when he saw his Momma, Daddy and Mamaw, he was much better. Once he came out of anesthesia, he was asleep/out of it for a long time. It was over an hour before we decided he could be doing this resting at home. He was so out of it and got very upset if you moved him around, so we took him home, in his little fish gown and all. It was a little pitiful to see my baby boy in this child gown with his little Diego underwear and Spiderman socks peeking out, but it was wonderful taking him home!

He's been out of it mostly all day. We've been giving him his cocktail of Hydrocodone and Phenegren (probably spelled it wrong) and so he's slept most of the day. Mamalicious, I know you are jealous of his cocktail! :)

He isn't wanting Popsicles or very much ice cream, but is more satisfied with Gogurt, a little milkshake and some leftover refrigerated birthday cake. Whatever works!

Thanks for all of your support through this whole thing! We are hoping he continues to recover quickly, though I hear the second day is the worst?!

I just downloaded pics of Miss Bug's first birthday party that was on Tuesday and will post them as soon as I get a chance!


Mags said...

Glad to hear everything went well!!! Now, YOU need to get some rest as soon as you can.

Robyn said...

hey girl! glad the boy came thru it all ok!!
wanted to let you know about a fun giveaway we are hosting over on the Blog. SUPER cute hairbows!! Winner gets one from the halloween collection and any other one from the store FREE! I know a certain little girl who would LOVE a new hairbow {wink wink}.
Feel free to pass it on to all your are quite the popular girl! :)
Love to ya!

Randall said...

So glad to hear it all went well and he is resting/healing comfortably!

tulipmom said...

Boy am I out of the loop. Just reading about the surgery now but glad to hear it went well. Hope he continues to recover nicely and that you get some rest.

Happy Belated 1st Birthday to your little girl! Wow!