Monday, January 11, 2010

Sacred Alone Time

I have waited practically all day to be alone. To have some 'me' time...peace. quiet. facebooking. ebaying. craptv watching.

And now I have it. And am bored.

Nothing on TV though I bet The Bachelor comes on very soon, but then I get too tired and fall asleep.

Frustrated with Ebay because it seems even my nice boutique-y stuff doesn't sell for what others get for theirs.

Nobody I want to talk to on FB.

And I'm actually tired. Too tired for laundry. Too tired to clean. Too tired to pick up. Too tired to actually get up from this kitchen table. Kids are in bed...Big Brother is in my bed because Daddy is out of town.

Oh and did I mention I'm a little lonely? Daddy gone. I don't mind him traveling, it's just that the nights get a wee bit spooky sometimes. So I'm glad Big Brother is in my bed. I know I can't let him do it all the time, but I act like it's a really big deal so nobody gets spoiled. I would let him sleep in our bed every time Daddy left, but he is the kind of kid who would NEVER go back to his own bed and that's not fair to him.

It's these times when I need to just go to bed. Not sure if I could sleep. Normally I'd be in my bed watching TV but Big Brother is asleep in there. I could read a magazine, but too tired.

Or the Bible. Too tired.

And so I ramble.

Thinking about putting house on the market to move to Asheville, NC. Any advice? Won't go if we can't get decent money for our house. But really want to go to the mtns. Miss the mtns. Normally I would get all locked up thinking about moving, but for some reason the thought of moving there doesn't do this to me. Maybe this is God's way of telling me this is the right time, the right move. We'll see. Will just keep on praying for what God's will is in our lives.

Wow--quite random tonight. Good thing there isn't anything sweet in the house. It would be gone. Even the cereal is calling my name....pitiful I know.


Preppy 101 said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow. xoxo

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I let me girls sleep with me when my husband is out of town. I just seem to feel "safer" when I have both of my girls beside I can defend them from any potential danger.

Hope you get a good nights rest and that everything looks and feels better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I feel like that too girl. Hope your having a great night anyway! XOXO

teresa-bug said...

I would love to live in Asheville too. I live in Charlotte so I can get there in a short period of time, but I just love the vibe that city has. Good luck!

sanjeet said...

Hope you get a good nights rest
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