Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Sleep & Potty Training

These are two of the things on my mind right now. Neither of which I'm too crazy about dealing with at this time.

Ok, so Miss Bug turned 2 in October. She shows SOME interest in the potty. She is a go-getter in many ways, so I am thinking this has the potential to happen pretty quickly. On the other hand, she is quite stubborn and may revolt altogether. Today is the day I said I'd start (once the dryer was fixed-long story). I took a few quizzes online and she passes more than 1/2 of them, but some of them I have no idea. I found one old potty book from when my son was younger, we own a potty, and I just recently bought training trying to go steer clear of Pull-Ups for this one--merely because I still have quite a few diapers and don't feel like wasting them. Not that I'll be using them, but whatever. I'm just trying to do this without Pull-Ups! (At night we will try diapers hoping not to confuse, but I'm sure she'll let us know if she is not okay with this.) So today we try. It is before 7 am and I've not finished my first cup of coffee so won't officially start until after. And as I type this I'm thinking, "Should I wait until tomorrow? Or the next day? Or the next?" I could easily make excuses all day long--like she is starting a new Preschool two days a week starting on Thursday. Should this be a cause for delay? To some yes, to others no. I'm not really in a huge hurry to do this--just don't want to miss the 'window' of opportunity if it is opening right now!

The other thing--SLEEP! I love it. In the top 3 of my things to do probably. My daughter, however, is such an early riser. Not sure WHY...up before 6 am. I DO NOT like seeing the clock's hour hand to say 5. EVER--UNLESS it is a scheduled 5am wake-up time. She goes to bed anywhere betweeen 7-7:45 at the very latest, but gets up so dang early. Sometimes we get 6:20 or 6:30 which is MUCH better, but man, lately, it is e.a.r.l.y. And it really frustrates me....

Then nap time is only an hour and a half. REALLY? I was putting her to bed around 11:30 but this 2 year old program is from 9-1. Wondering (hoping, praying, wishing) if it will help with the sleep situation....more so at night than during the day. Would prefer longer sleep nights than naps. See, I have to pick up John around 2:15 from school and so I'd have to wake her up or do some swapping in the pick-up department at school. Since he is in Kinder (or maybe just a wee little bit too scheduled), he has to know EACH and EVERY plan to feel completely secure.That whole Kindergarten adjustment is for a whole new post.

I have 2 small children wanting 6 freaking 50am. Maybe it will be a good thing to send everyone off to their 'school'.!!!!

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Preppy 101 said...

Keep us posted on the PT. Is it easier in the warmer months? That was always my plan. We'll wait till summer to do that! The only thing I had to be careful about were the melting M&M's that I used as rewards for using the Potty. Don't know if Dr. Spock would've approved, but it worked. haha