Friday, January 8, 2010

Miss Bug's First Day at 'School'

I take Miss Bug to the same school her brother went to just last year and I swear I think she remembered the place! She walked right in like she owned the place! (Not that she doesn't do that just about everywhere we go!) We went into her classroom and Big Brother's Teacher's Assistant from PreK was there because the 2 year old teacher was absent. I really like her so was relieved that it wasn't someone I didn't know.

It was quite nostalgic going back to the place where my son went for 3 years and where I taught PreK for one.

I get a text from the PreK teacher telling me that when Miss Bug's teacher had her back turned that Miss Bug went and took a big ol' bite of her biscuit that was on the table! I guess she feels pretty comfortable, wouldn't you?

I kept telling them how different Miss Bug was from her big brother. Now they all know...

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