Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roseola, Hand/Foot/Mouth, Viral, WHAT??

So I get my daughter out of the bathtub on Thursday evening and see that she has a rash on her feet primarily--barely raised, red spots. I see that she has it on her back and back of neck. I see that it goes down after she cools off from the bath.

She goes to bed easily and sleeps all night long.

We wake up--she still has it, not as irritated (probably didn't like the heat from the tub) and appetite is the same. No fever, etc. Ask around, people are guessing Hand/Foot/Mouth or Fifths...

Take her to the babysitter. I explain she has had no fever, no loss of appetite, and doesn't seem to be irritated. Babysitter is fine, thinks it's viral. Then babysitter calls me at 2pm saying she woke up with a fever. I go to get her within 45 minutes and fever is gone--she gave her meds. So, I wait 5 hours before giving her anything else..fever never rises. I never see any sign of it. Babysitter didn't take temp. so I'm not sure if she truly had one, but babysitter is really on the ball, so she probably did. I'm just sayin'.

Sleeps all night long last night, regular appetite today, etc. though she is a bit cranky. ( or just on my nerves-ha) I put her down for her nap and get on the Internet--of which I KNEW I shouldn't do. Now I'm wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD SHE HAS---Fifths, Hand/Foot/Mouth, Roseola, Viral etc.......NONE of the pictures exactly represent what she has. The rash isn't angry, gross or seem to bother her.

Any advice?


Jillian, Inc said...

My son has had hand/foot/mouth and I am pretty sure it involves actual BLISTERS and not a rash and we're talking many, many blisters...upwards of 30. No appetite...lethargic the first couple days. And I couldn't take him back to daycare until the blisters were gone, which amounted to (a very long) 10 days. It's highly contagious and I hope it's something less severe for your little one. Oh...and nothing can be done for it except let it run its course. *ugh*

Ann said...

Could this be some kind of reaction from the shots she got? Just a thought. I'd keep an eye on it.

Gleatie said...

I had Fifths as a child! I don't know what just made me remember that. And it was a rash that was primarily on the tops of my thighs! It went away in a few days though. How is she doing?!

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Surf Girl said...

Did she just get shots? Mine had something just like that after his MMR shot. He got the chicken pox shot at the same time and his dr. told me that can cause a reaction in some kids.
Hope she's feeling better!