Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bribe: Part 2

Didn't work.

No Hot Wheels.

Was up 4 FREAKING TIMES! I'm so tired that I am cranky and can't hardly stand to be in my own skin. I'm that grumpy. Tylenol PM is calling my name. I was up on and off from 1:30am-5:00am. I wanted to put up 2 baby gates at his door--one on top of the other--so that he couldn't get out.

I woke up just pissed off. I know that doesn't sound very ladylike, but I'm not feeling very ladylike at the moment.

Today I upped the Anny (or however you spell it). I told him he'd get a Hot Wheels car and I'd take him to the freaking CIRCUS that is in town. I even got on the Internet to show him pictures of what we'd see.

His top 5 list of things he wants to see are: man shooting out of a 'canyon' (cannon), motorcycle riding on a rope, trapeze artists flipping, juggling and getting to be with our friends--Ms. Rachael, Kendall and Jordan. I told him that the elephants would be there, too, and he replied with, "Mommy, they aren't cool."


I said, "There will be camels, too." I was again informed that those aren't cool either.


I can't believe my 5 year old son is already telling ME what's cool. I know what's cool, damn it! I'm only 36. I've still got LOTS of cool left in me!

So the saga continues. You'll be updated tomorrow, and hopefully not too early because we'll all be SLEEPING!