Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jill's Service...

was awesome. They even released butterflies at the end and Jill's daughter was the first to release one. Very cool. The same man who married them did Jill's service. Though he was a little long-winded, it was quite sincere and kind.

Jill's husband spoke. He was amazing. Spoke for several minutes, got choked up, and would continue. Jill's son, Evan, came up to see his daddy during the speaking part and would say, "Up! Up! Upp-y! Upp-y!" It was precious. He started to spit and Jill's husband said, "No spit." It was SO relevant to my life right now. My daughter is the same age as Evan and man, oh man, she is a handful. Here we are, celebrating a life that was taken much too early, and Evan is just living in the moment. Maybe he is on to something...

We went back to Jill's house afterwards. Jill and her husband bought a house in the neighborhood in which we grew up. They actually bought a house that belonged to a boy we went to high school with--completely nostalgic and ironic at the same time. I did drive by my old house, also...pretty cool.

Ken Block, from Sister Hazel, sang a song he wrote about his own brother who died from Cancer. That was incredible. He is amazing as well.

Got to see several old friends from high school. We all still can't believe we are growing up. It doesn't feel like it. We decided to definitely have a place for Jill at our 20 year high school reunion which is coming up next summer.

If you are curious to learn more about Jill, go
Pretty cool story.

So today is Saturday. My 2 year old daughter has already forced me to dress her and put on her shoes....wants to go "siiiidddddeee!" (outside) Guess I'll go for now, and will swing my little girl in remembrance of someone who can no longer do it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A comeback?

I'm trying to get back to blogging and lately I could be writing novels. Wow--too much to say. More than anything else I want to write a letter to my dear friend Jill. We grew up together...middle school pimples and scrunched hair, bus stops and sleepovers. Then we went to high school together....sweet 16 birthday and a new car for Jill, boyfriends, clubs, the list goes on...

...and now it's gone. Of course the memories will be etched in my mind almost like parking spaces in a car lot. I have so many of them that are filled with Jill.

She was too young to die. We are all too young to die. Hell, we are only 37. I even thought I was 38 the other day until a friend reminded me we aren't there yet!

But Jill will remain 37 in my mind forever. On Sunday she died of heart failure as a result of the damage that Chemo can do to you. She was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) in June of 2009 and went into remission over the holidays.

It came back.

She didn't make it this time.

It has been a shock. A shock to us all. So many of us are on facebook now and many of us are posting about the sadness and the loss. Jill leaves behind a loving husband and 2 small children. Carlie is 5 and Evan turned 2 in January.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

We were supposed to see each other again at our 20 year reunion, take some pics of us together, and then talk about how we'd HAVE to get together again....sooner than later.

And now I'm headed to her Celebration of Life on Friday ....

I love you Jilly!