Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ladies, are we all running around like chickens with our heads cut off or is it just ME? Jeez-oh-Pete, I'm about worn out! And this girl needs sleep! It's after 10PM, past my bedtime, but I'll give you a quick run-down of what the Plaid family has been up to (in no particular order):

-One 40th bday party for Hubby
-Two relatives, Uncle Adolf & Aunt Tootsie (Hub's fav family) surprised him by showing up to his bday party (I pulled it off --YESSSS! :))
-preparing for Big Brother's 5th birthday
-buying the typical presents for family and then remember I need to get others for people like Big Brother's teachers and Miss Bug's Babysitter
-trying to keep our house stocked with food for crying out loud--these children are bottomless pits!
-cookie exchange at Big Brother's school
-Big Brother had Christmas Cantata and a speaking part (I was a proud parent)
-Miss Bug is ALMOST walking--Lord help us all
-Still email feuding w/Inlaws but it is getting better. We are standing tough and staying strong
-Trying to keep Big Brother OUT of our bedroom at night
-Reminding myself to eat--something healthy and not just cookies (see 'cookie exchange' above)
-Ordering second round of Christmas cards b/c I didn't get enough the first time-duh
-Still in search of Interactive WallE (he's $34.99 in real life, but a bazillion dollars on Amazon) because that is on Big Brother's list.......from Santa. Damn Santa.
-Giving to the needy---and doing it again and again--for school for work, for church, etc.
-needing to give the dog a second bath after she rolled in doggie doo-doo (love that)

Ok. So that's me. For now. Here's a pic from Bday party. We had a babysitter to take care of all kids for a while, but when it was time to sing and blow out candles, we invited them back! Here's Daddy with his babies (I think Miss Bug might've already been having a taste?):