Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

This should be a lovely, random flow of thoughts right now. I need to update you on my life, and it's been so busy that I'm overflowing with 'stuff', so I'll start with the laundry list and try to go go into detail in future posts.

-My Christmas was wonderful! Kids were great. Big Brother super surprised, etc. My parents were able to come (in-laws backed out--previous post if you are interested) and stayed at the condo on SSI, so it was perfect. They watched the kids a lot and I got to work and shop!

-Have had to work and have Daddy watch kids. Have a little guilt over it. 20 hours is more than you think it is! And if you saw my paycheck you'd think I worked about 10! Working for God does not pay you back monetarily! ha

-Shopped in Jacksonville and found some smoking deals--best one I will share with you--Pottery Barn kids rug 3x5 normally priced at $129.00. I got it for $29.97! I can't even express to you how incredibly exciting that was for me! LOVE THE DEALS when I can get them from PBK.

-Went a little overboard and bought a 5x8 rug from Pottery Barn that was on sale, but still price-y. We had an 8x10 rug that is Pottery Barn that we've had for 5 years and it has been thoroughly abused by all--from small children to the dog--and I saw that it was on sale and so pretty. I'm pretty picky when it comes to a lot of things--including rugs--and it is really pretty. We didn't need the 8 x 10 size, and the 5x8 fits well, it just looks SO small compared to the 8x10. It shows off our hardwood floors, but I'm not 100% convinced it is 'the one'. Damn you Pottery Barn for being so freaking expensive and beautiful! We still have the wrapper and might return it. It's on a trial run right now. I just have a hard time with change, of any kind obviously! I'm such a weird-o.

-Miss Bug is walking---not 100% --but a lot! It is too funny. I forgot how cute they look when they stumble around like drunk old men. Love it!

-My husband's older sister--who we aren't very close to--that's a longgggg story--is getting married for the 3rd time. This time she's having a wedding--in Feb. I thought we were going to be able to avoid the in-laws for several months now that the holidays are over, but nope. Sucks. But we can't punish his sister and not go b/c we are so frustrated by his parents. And no, we still aren't talking to the parents.

-I have a bazillion thank-you cards to write.

-We had Big Brother's 5th birthday party this time last Saturday. It was so fun! That boy has so many toys!

-I have been eating like it is my job--birthday cake, twice-baked potatoes, banana pudding (homemade Martha Stewart meets Paula Dean style), candy, homemade fudge, cookies. I'm salivating just thinking about it! Not. Good.

-I'm mad at Ann Taylor Loft. Their return policy sucks. Beware.

Must go. Have a baby with a dirty diaper and a child that needs a snack.


Just Ask Beth said...

Ok I am confused, you mean you are going to use the rug in your house with kids, and company on it and if you don't like it return it? or are you going to put it down, stand back and see if it works? I am so scared shitless to return anything like that, I didn't know you could try it out and return it, I think that's what I need to do because I get BUYER'S REMORSE alot! Hope IL's behaved

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Sounds like it was a nice Christmas - happy new year!

Preppy 101 said...

So glad you had a great Christmas! Good to hear from you!!!

morewineplease said...

And I thought I was busy! WOW!
Sounds like you still had a wonderful Christmas... and that is so exciting about the almost walking! YAY!!!

Lipstick said...

Glad you are back! I LOL about the part about the "working for God paycheck"!

Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a busy holiday! Glad you found the awesome bargain at Pottery Barn! I love it when that fact, it should happen more!!